‘Married at First Sight’: Mindy Shiben Ghosted by Zach Justice on Birthday

Married at First Sight‘s Mindy Shiben celebrated her 35th birthday quarantine style while husband Zach Justice is nowhere to be seen. She’s trying to get him to divorce her but he won’t do that – even for her birthday. There’s so much drama between the two and her friends and fans are calling him out.

Married at First Sight: It’s Your Birthday Mindy Shiben

Birthdays are supposed to be events where you get together with friends and family. But it doesn’t seem like that’s what is happening for Mindy Shiben. With all of the COVID-19 scare going on, Mindy from the show Married at First Sight had a quarantine style birthday. She shared photos of her holding a big bunch of balloons.

While it looks like she is having a great birthday, we can’t help but wonder if she’s still waiting. And we mean if she’s still waiting for hubby Zach Justice to give her a divorce. Recently she called Zach out and he said Mindy is telling her fans lies. In fact, he says that she shouldn’t drink and gram.

Whatever the case is with Zach, fans hope that the Married at First Sight cast member has had the best birthday. Mindy Shiben has a strong fan base online and they are all rooting for her to get the divorce from ‘Zatch.’

Married at First Sight: Zach Justice - Mindy Shiben

Zach Justice Posts Online But Ignores His Wife

It seems like Zach Justice has time to post on social media. Even if he doesn’t have time to get a divorce from his Married at First Sight wife Mindy Shiben. He posted a photo of himself on the dance floor. And fans wonder if he’ll come out of hiding and give her the divorce she’s been calling for. Well, at least according to her.

Zach hasn’t been very active online. Fans of Married at First Sight wonder if the network is keeping him silent. Is he trying to cause trouble for Mindy and the show? Or is there something else viewers don’t know?

Some people wonder if he is getting together with Mindy’s friend. But maybe neither one of them want anyone to know the all the details.

Married at First Sight: Zach Justice - Mindy Shiben

Married at First Sight: Will the Divorce Ever Happen?

It’s unclear when the divorce is going to take place for Mindy Shiben and her Married at First Sight husband. It can be frustrating when you go into a situation with high hopes. And it’s even worse for Mindy since she was attracted to Zach and he didn’t feel the same.

Some people wonder if Zach Justice came to his senses and now wants to stay with his wife. It’s not uncommon for someone to move on and find another person, only to become more attractive to their former partner. Does Mindy from Married at First Sight that airs on Lifetime Wednesday night at 8 pm have a flame viewers don’t know about?

Everyone is waiting for the couple to get their much-needed divorce. But it doesn’t look like Mindy’s birthday is the day it is going to happen.

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