‘Married at First Sight’: Mindy Demands Divorce – Zach Throws Shade & Blames Booze

Married at First Sight cast member Mindy Shiben wants to divorce never-a-real-husband Zach Justice. She called him out online for ghosting her. Meanwhile, he clapped back with his version of events – throwing shade her way. Things get messy for this Lifetime couple as divorce chatter escalates.

Married at First Sight: Trouble From “I Do” for Mindy Shiben on Lifetime Show

Poop hit the fan almost immediately for Mindy Shiben and disinterested Zach Justice on MAFS. Mindy found her new husband attractive. But, he couldn’t say the same about his wife. Zach claimed he wanted to “build” attraction and then intimacy. But, mostly Zach talking in circles to Mindy and the experts without saying much of anything.

Plus, Zach Justice sabotaged their marriage in other ways, too. He refused to move in with Mindy Shiben following their honeymoon – which was itself a cold situation. Living together is critical to the Married at First Sight experiment. It allows couples to get to know one another on a deeper level after marrying as strangers. Yet, Zach refused to cooperate at every turn with Mindy and their MAFS advisors.

The final straw for Mindy was when she found out Zach Justice was chatting up one of her Married at First Sight bridesmaids behind her back. And, even though most couples wait until Decision Day to go their separate ways, Mindy Shiben threw in the towel early with Zach Justice. And no one blamed her. Now, though, it’s shocking to see they’re still married.

MAFS: She Wants a Divorce – Is Zach Justice a No-Show?

Even after everything this pair went through on Married at First Sight, they’re still technically husband and wife. Mindy Shiben says she wants her marriage to Zach Justice over and done. But, according to a recent MAFS update, he’s a no-show in the process. Mindy called him out online and asked him point-blank if he will divorce her.

Meanwhile, Mindy also included hashtags about wanting a divorce and telling him to check his texts and crickets. Communication was always an issue for Zach Justice with his wife and Married at First Sight‘s team of experts. According to Mindy, he’s radio silent, and Zach won’t help make their split legal. See her comments below. But, is Mindy off the mark – because Zach clapped back hard.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben - Zach Justice

Married at First Sight Husband Claps Back

Zach Justice sees things differently from his Married at First Sight wife. He responded to Mindy calling him out online. And, he had some not-so-nice things to say. He told her not to “lie” for attention. According to Zach, he didn’t get any divorce papers from her or an attorney.

Plus, Zach said Mindy calling him out publicly is “gross.” And, he threw a little extra shade her way, telling her to “stay classy.” And, her husband advised her not to drink and get on social media. So, it’s clear the gloves are off for this estranged Married at First Sight pair. He also called out MAFS‘ PR company.

Married at First Sight: Zach Justice

What Happens Next?

According to Mindy Shiben, she’s eager to put this marriage behind her. Married at First Sight fans were heavily Team Mindy during their season. And, most viewers want to see her move on as well. However, Zach Justice called shenanigans and said he’s not to blame for them remaining married. Which side is in the right?

Another Married at First Sight alum, Amber Bowles wants to end her marriage to Matt Gwynne. And, she says he refused to sign the papers. So, Amber piled on and said, Zach is pulling a Matt in this divorce situation. Meanwhile, fellow MAFS alum Jessica Studer called it a “classic Zatch move.” So, how long will this drag on before they’re single? We’ll keep you updated here on this evolving story.

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