‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad – Is She the Villain for MAFS Season 10?

Married at First Sight newcomer Katie Conrad (Derek Sherman’s bride) seems to be setting herself up to be the villain this season 10 of MAFS. Every season comes with its own villain – someone that brings the majority of the drama. Even though the brand new season of the show is just getting started, is Katie Conrad the front-runner?

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Brings the Drama Early

One episode into the new season of MAFS, Katie Conrad’s already on fans’ radar with her cold feet storyline. She has a lingering “ex-boyfriend” from her past. Katie’s ex, as she tells it, is a guy she’s been hooking up with for the past few months. Nothing serious. But it seems, that as Katie is going through the Married at First Sight process, this other man tells her he loves her.

And, that connection gives Katie Conrad second thoughts when it comes to beginning her marriage journey with Derek Sherman. MAFS puts singles together with their new husbands and wives. But, Katie’s feelings for her ex complicates things.

People are supposed to be single when they apply to be on Married at First Sight. Does Katie having a non-serious routine relationship qualify her as “single”? Many fans think Katie Conrad was two-timing her fiance Derek Sherman. Even though she had never met her fiance, she still had one.

Making matters worse, Derek Sherman has no idea his wife-to-be has doubts about marrying him because of another man. Derek is all-in and ready to hit the ground running. But, Katie Conrad’s relationship baggage spells trouble before their marriage even begins. Early on, Katie’s backstory packs the most punch for drama. As a result, Katie Conrad seems the early front-runner as season 10’s villain on Married at First Sight

MAFS: Derek Sherman Blindsided?

Married at First Sight‘s Katie Conrad reveals she and her ex were not on the same page. She wanted a serious relationship. But, most of the guys she dates only want something casual. The day her ex found out she had a match with Derek Sherman, he said he loved her and asked her to quit MAFS. And, this caused doubt to creep in. Katie Conrad started having second thoughts about the process.

Even though things didn’t pan out the way she wanted with her ex, Katie Conrad said they have an established connection. Meanwhile, Married at First Sight shows Derek Sherman’s ready for commitment – obviously.

Meanwhile, Derek Sherman believes his new wife is as excited to begin the Married at First Sight journey as he is. Is he in for a rude awakening? It sure looks like she might run on the next MAFS episode. Read on to see Married at First Sight spoilers on what she does next.

Is Katie the Latest Married at First Sight Villain?

Married at First Sight has a history of at least one “villain” each season. And, as of now, it seems Katie Conrad could be this season’s rotten apple. Longtime MAFS watchers remember cast members like Matt Gwynne, Luke Cuccurullo, Amber Martorana, and Molly Duff as past bad boys (and girls). These cast members triggered drama and viewer outrage on their seasons.

They quickly became the people viewers loved to hate on Married at First Sight. There is always the question of how much production splices scenes together to push a particular narrative. Reality shows are known for editing for drama and watchability. But, there’s always a villain – whether by their actions or by edit. So, it’s certainly possible Katie Conrad’s edited as this season’s big bad. But, Married at First Sight seems to be one of the more honest reality shows when it comes to editing. Perhaps it’s because they have real life experts on the show, and their credibility is on the line.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Derek Sherman Reaches Breaking Point After Wedding

Married at First Sight expert Dr Pepper Schwartz revealed to Soap Dirt in an exclusive interview that she’s surprised how married couples respond to the pressure of filming. She told us: “They [the newlyweds] are sometimes as surprised as we are when they act badly under the stress of a new marriage and daily documentation”. It appears that in future episodes Derek Sherman doesn’t handle the stress very well.

Early on, it seemed like Katie Conrad fits the bill as a match for Derek. But, her ties to her ex will create more complications to come. Whether she contacts him during the season is a big question. For now, we know she married Derek.

Married at First Sight spoiler clips (see above) show that Derek doesn’t feel like Katie supports his dreams and also says it’s hard to deal with his new wife because she’s “acting like a bi*ch”. Derek, so far, has seemed cool, calm and collected. Is he not a nice guy, or did Katie push him over the edge?

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