‘Married at First Sight’: Derek Sherman Not in Love – Early Red Flag for Katie Conrad?

Married at First Sight spoilers show Derek Sherman is not in love with Katie Conrad and she’s not happy about it. Derek told Lifetime cameras that he’s never been in love before. And, he hoped MAFS would be the first and last time he’d fall in love. But, it looks like things don’t go according to plan. And, Katie Conrad isn’t happy. What else do MAFS spoilers reveal?

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman Doesn’t Love His Wife Katie Conrad

Sparks flew early for Derek Sherman and wife Kate Conrad on this season of Married at First Sight. They seemed to have the most physical chemistry early on. But, whether or not that would be enough to make a marriage work was a big question. They revealed in recent episodes that the honeymoon phase fizzled out.

Meanwhile, Derek Sherman said he’s not in love with Katie Conrad. In addition, he said that it could take six months to a year for his love to grow. And, Katie isn’t happy about that timeline. On top of that, Derek said he’s used to breaking hearts. But, he added that he’s never had his heart broken.

MAFS: Katie Conrad Not Happy with Her Husband Derek Sherman

Even though Katie Conrad is young, she said on Married at First Sight she’s ready for marriage and very serious about it. But, husband Derek Sherman not in love with her seems to be a major sticking point early on in their marriage. She has lingering ties to her ex and Derek doesn’t want to have to compete with anyone else. Perhaps that hinders his ability to let love grow.

Married at First Sight spoilers report Katie Conrad questioning Derek Sherman during dinner. He reveals he’s never fought for love. And, she questions whether he’s ever wanted something bad enough to fight for it. Katie had guys in the past that didn’t feel for her the way she did for them. And, she fears that happening with Derek.

What Happens Next for This Married at First Sight Pair?

The fact that Derek hasn’t found love yet in his life is an early red flag for Katie. But, at the same time, Derek doesn’t want that working against him. After a lot of initial chemistry, this couple aren’t on the same page back in the real world. And, it looks like this could be a major sticking point throughout the rest of the season.

Married at First Sight spoilers show this duo stay married on Decision Day. But, they split prior to the reunion show. So, it looks like certain issues were too big to overcome for this twosome. Perhaps Katie Conrad grew tired of waiting for spouse Derek Sherman to come around.

Currently, it’s not entirely clear what the final straw in their marriage was. But, based on Married at First Sight spoilers, there are more than a few hurdles early for this couple. It’s likely things will continue to go downhill as the current season of the Lifetime show progresses.

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