‘Married at First Sight’: Iris Caldwell Hints Chris Williams & Paige Banks Storyline Fake?

Married at First Sight star Iris Caldwell had a few words to say about the Chris Williams and Paige Banks storyline. And Lifetime fans say it sounds like she’s trying to say that it is fake.

Married at First Sight: Iris Caldwell Talks Paige Banks & Chris Williams

Iris Caldwell from Married at First Sight said she personally talked to Paige Banks. And that Paige was a great girl and totally didn’t deserve what she got from Chris Williams. But she also said that people should keep in mind that they are watching reality TV.

Married at First Sight fans took her tone and look to mean that she thought production scripted the storyline. And they said that would be a terrible thing to do to Paige. Iris Caldwell said the newest episodes would reveal a lot but seemed to hint that it might be the total truth.

This got Married at First Sight viewers wondering about her marriage to Keith Manley. She was very open about how she felt on the show, but fans wanted to get a little more information. And Iris was more than happy to share some information.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

Iris Done with Keith Manley

MAFS wife Iris Caldwell said she and Keith never spoke after the reunion episode. And she didn’t seem upset about not talking to him again. He really hurt her when he said no on Decision Day, and she said yes.

Despite this, it seems like it’s all water under the Married at First Sight bridge. Iris said she’s still waiting on the right person to get together with in the bedroom. Iris said she thought it would be her husband on the show, but it didn’t work out that way.

Married at First sight star Iris said it’d been about two years since her experience on the show. But that she wasn’t upset that she did the show. In fact, Iris Caldwell said she was glad that she learned so much about herself through the experience.

Married at First Sight: Iris Caldwell - Keith Manley

Married at First Sight: Making Big Plans

Iris Caldwell has a brave and bold outlook on her future. She has plans to travel, hopefully in July, to St. Lucia. Iris said she’s enjoying teaching her students, and that is one of her favorite things in her life right now.

Married at First Sight celebrity Iris wouldn’t tell if she was back to dating. But she did give a little smirk when asked about her dating life. Viewers said they couldn’t wait to see the type of man Iris ends up dating.

Iris also said that she booked her first commercial even though she hasn’t had a lot of other modeling work. Since COVID-19, she said there isn’t much runway work out there. But she’s really excited about what’s coming up for her.

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