‘Married at First Sight’: Derek Sherman Checking Off Adventurous Bucket List Item – Asks for Fan Help

Married at First Sight‘s Derek Sherman said he’s been working non-stop. But that’s about to change since he’s off for an exciting adventure. But it looks like he needs some help from friends and fans.

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman Is Free from His Marriage

Everyone loved Derek Sherman on Married at First Sight. At first, he and his wife, Katie Conrad, looked like the perfect couple. Katie and Derek were so adorable at their wedding, and even Katie’s dad liked Derek.

When the Married at First Sight reunion came around, Derek and Katie’s yeses had become nos. Derek Sherman told the Lifetime host that Katie cheated on him. And Katie Conrad was upset because she said they talked about not sharing that information.

Whatever the case, Katie came out as the villain in this relationship. Throughout the show, she gave Married at First Sight fans little reason to like her. All he did was try to make her happy, but she couldn’t get over how free-spirited Derek was. Not long ago, Derek shared photos of his divorce papers, proving his freedom from his MAFS marriage.

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman

Derek Enjoys Life to the Fullest

Derek Sherman of Married at First Sight wanted to be on the go all of the time. Katie couldn’t stand it that he wanted to do so many things. She said he needed to pick one dream and stick with it. But that isn’t the kind of person that he is, and that played a big part in their divorce.

The latest bucket list item Derek will check off is traveling across America. The Married at First Sight hubby said he’ll spend two weeks road tripping across the country. He wants to visit places like Nashville, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego.

Derek said that he needs to know everyone’s recommendations for what to do. He wants to make his road trip the best possible. And it seems like the Married at First Sight husband is ready for an action-packed time on the road.

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman

Married at First Sight: Bright Days Ahead

Derek Sherman dealt with some hard times on Married at First Sight. Fans are glad that he didn’t let the experience keep him from doing exciting things. They did say they can see that doing something like a reality show is in line with his personality.

It seems like he is doing very well at his job. He’s also spending time at some weddings, but it doesn’t look like anyone is marrying a stranger. But fans have yet to see Derek Sherman finding the perfect woman for him.

Whatever the case, it seems like he is enjoying his time being single. Maybe the marriage made him realize he wasn’t ready for that type of commitment.

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