‘Married at First Sight’: Christina Recovering After MAFS Experience

Married at First Sight‘s Christina (Henry Rodriguez’s MAFS wife) is turning into season 11’s villain. And it seems like the heat is on from fans and she can’t take it, so she’s getting out of the kitchen.

Married at First Sight: A Makeover for Christina

Recently, Soap Dirt broke a story that Christina from Married at First Sight looks completely different. Fans of the Lifetime show reacted in shock at her extreme makeover. It was easy to see that she changed her teeth and possibly a few other facial features.

Christina also looked like she shed a lot of weight. Some Married at First Sight fans are concerned about her physical and mental health. And it seems like that might be a true concern since Christina said she needs to take a break.

The Married at First Sight star was interacting with fans. And she said that she couldn’t do it anymore because too many people were coming at her. Christina said she has to think about her mental health.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Christina

MAFS Star Living Out of the Country

Not only did Christina get a total makeover that made her almost unrecognizable, but she also moved out of America. In fact, she’s living in beautiful Mexico. But she isn’t reliving her honeymoon because Henry Rodriguez of MAFS is not down there with her.

Christina of Married at First Sight is having a great time hanging out with the locals. It looks like she might even have a dog now. Fans commented that it’s pretty bad that her experience was so rough that she needs a support pet now.

From Christina’s comments, it does seem like the Married at First Sight experience was rough on her. But even if she does feel bad, fans aren’t giving her a break. They are still yelling at how terribly she treats husband Henry Rodriguez on the show.

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry Rodriguez

Married at First Sight: What’s Next for This Cast Member?

A fan spotted Christina on her flight recently. And others commented that it “made sense that she works for Spirit.” It seems like these fans don’t think she has a very good way of communicating.

It looks like the Married at First Sight celebrity will stay in Mexico for a while. Or at least, that seems like it’s her main spot to live for right now. It seems like she’s trying to stay away from a lot of people that know who she is. And fans point out that Mexico makes it very cheap to have work done.

No matter why Christina is in Mexico, it seems like she’s having a great time there. And fans hope that she’s able to heal her heart and mind after such a rough time.

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