‘Married at First Sight’: Cast Contracts Leaked – Are They Unfair to Those in Miserable Marriages?

Married at First Sight cast contracts were leaked by MAFSFan this week. Former MAFS brides Mindy Shiben and Kate Sisk weigh in with their thoughts on the matter. Does the deal make it unfair for couples in miserable marriages to get out of the relationship? Is there conflict over contracts? Fans of the show are up in arms over bad marriages.

Married at First Sight: Contracts Leave Little Wiggle Room

Parts of the Married at First Sight contracts reveal that a participant in the show will receive $1,000 per episode in which they appear. Sometimes filming involves up to 12 hours a day. The stars get paid in percentages throughout filming. Immediately after the wedding, stars receive another 25%. Participants earn another quarter of the total stipend at the end of filming.

The remaining half of the total is paid after Lifetime network receives the “master” production films for each of the first and second halves of the Married at First Sight reality show’s total episodes. On the downside, once a castmember leaves the show, they owe production $50,000 unless their absence is considered “excusable.” There are very few reasons why a castmember may leave the production.

Married at First Sight production considers personal safety and an extreme family emergency, like a death in the family, to be excusable. As far as the contract goes, nothing else is specified as to what they consider an emergency. What does this mean for couples who are in miserable marriages? A couple of former MAFS brides speak out.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben

 Mindy Shiben Weighs In on Married at First Sight

Season 10 fan-favorite Mindy Shiben weighed in on the options available to couples placed in unfit marriages on Married at First Sight. Mindy herself speaks from experience. Her relationship with Zach Justice was rife with discord. Fans accused Zach of not meeting Mindy Shiben halfway in making their marriage work.

Fans believe Zach Justice was emotionally cheating on Mindy Shiben by talking to one of her friends while he and Mindy were still together. Zach denied the accusations and said she was simply advising how best to connect with Mindy Shiben. Zach admits he felt no attraction to Mindy and felt pressure to create a connection.

Mindy Shiben says that “participation does not mean” staying with your spouse despite the contract. Mindy left the marriage early, before Decision Day. This did not break her contract because she was still available for filming Married at First Sight. Mindy says she does not support staying in an unhealthy marriage. Even realizing the time and monetary investment by the network, Mindy says she was never threatened with paying damages.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk

Kate Sisk Threatened Into Staying on the Show

On the flip side, Kate Sisk, Married at First Sight Season 8 star, says she wanted to leave the show. Luke Cuccurullo gaslighted Kate Sisk, playing mind games with her emotions. The penalty for leaving early would have been $100,000 for Kate, who felt pressured into staying in a bad relationship. Kate Sisk accused Luke of lying to her and twisting things around to make himself look good.

Luke Cuccurullo denied the accusations but finally admitted he felt bad for hurting Kate. The current contract shows a 50k penalty for leaving production early. Kate Sisk says her contract was double that amount. Regardless of the amount, perhaps there is a way out for anyone in an unhealthy relationship on Married at First Sight.

As Mindy managed to do, maybe moving out yet being available for filming is one way to go.

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