‘Married At First Sight’: Brandon Reid Rages – Drops F-Bomb on Everyone

On Married At First Sight, Brandon Reid throws an epic temper tantrum as the honeymoon winds down. The couples spend time together on a catamaran cruise. Meanwhile, Michael Watson and Meka Jones sit out the cruise to vibe with some alone time.

Hair-perfect Zach Justice isn’t even faking it for Mindy Shiben, who still doesn’t get it. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd say awkward sooo many times (we get it). And Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman discuss dog sleeping arrangements back home. Let’s break down Season 10 Episode 6 In Seasickness and In Health. You can catch the show Wednesdays on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight Recap: Brandon Reid Shows His True Colors

The couples head out on a catamaran cruise. Brandon Reid pops some anti-nausea pills as he tends to get sea-sick. But, that’s the least of his problems. Brandon’s struggling with the cameras being around, complaining he’s a private person. Umm… Who signed up for a reality show. Duhhh…

While he and Taylor Dunklin frolic in the tub with champagne the night before, he admits they aren’t ready to sleep together just yet. And soon the honeymoon’s really over when he shows his a** (metaphorically) to his wife, the crew, and fellow cast members on Married At First Sight.

Does Brandon Know He’s on a TV Show (Asking for a Friend)

Everything’s fine on the cruise except Brandon Reid’s totally put off by Taylor’s love for Instagram. Brandon winds up with a pretty bad sunburn and later, over fruity cocktails, Brandon complains about her IG thang. He goes on about Insta girls being fake. Taylor defends herself. But the Brandon Reid bomb’s set to go off in 3-2-1. Brandon’s pretty judgy about her social media, but Taylor stays hopeful.

But the next day, the weather forecasts a sh*t storm as Brandon Reid loses it on Married at First Sight. As they pack to head home, Brandon has a bratty meltdown. He accuses the crew of gaslighting him with promises of food. Then, Brandon Reid runs to the elevator and goes berserk when they follow. They remind him he signed up for this. In the end, Brandon Reid stomps onto the bus but says “F-k all ya’ll”.

Michael Watson & Meka Jones Vibe Over Trinkets in Panama

On Married At First Sight, Michael Watson and wife Meka Jones haven’t exactly hit it off. They’ve been sleeping in separate rooms. And Meka’s still salty that he gave her a deadline for sex. Both abandoned their wedding bands. But, Michael and Meka skip the cruise and spend the day trying to figure out why they were matched. They stroll the streets and get some cold drinks.

It seems things are looking up. Michael Watson shares his passion for working with kids. And Meka seems to soften a little. They buy souvenirs on the street and take some selfies. Then, Meka says she is happy that they skipped the group cruise. She feels like they bonded and vibed.  And she’s ready to let him back in her room and into their bed. But, he has to wear a robe. Michael was hoping to free ball…

On Married At First Sight, we see Michael and wife Meka chat about the future and she rattles off a list of rules that’s ridick long. Michael is a good sport – but girl, please. If you really want to have a chance with this guy, you’ve got to lighten up already. Obviously she didn’t… Because Michael and Meka already filed for annulment/divorce. Michael’s legal docs say he’ll take whatever will get this over and done.

Jessica Studer & Austin Hurd Awkward and Loving it on Married At First Sight

Jessica Studer and hubby Austin Hurd continue reminding viewers that they are nerdy, awkward BFFs. The kind who feed popcorn to each other with their toes while bingeing Disney movies. Okay. We get it. Is this a relationship or a PR campaign? They even discuss getting a dog. No doubt, the pooch will be as delightfully goofy as them. They admit they did the deed but aren’t the type to brag about it.

Later on Married At First Sight, Austin Hurd and Jessica wonder if it’s been too easy. So, they talk about what things will be like living together and reality sets in. In other words, will being co-goofballs overcome leaving toilet seats up and hair clogging the drain (Austin’s, no doubt). Time will tell if this couple stays together. Although, leaked pics seem to indicate this Married at First Sight pair last (for a while at least).

Zach Justice Just Wants to Get Back To His Own Routine

On Married At First Sight, Zach Justice talks BS circles about “building an attraction” to Mindy Shiben. He’s spent more time with his hair products than his wife on the honeymoon. And the main attraction he’s got is with his own reflection. Zach mostly ignores Mindy at the couple’s day at sea. If the water was as shallow as Zach, they would have been stranded asea in Panama.

Mindy Shiben keeps trying to fist bump her hubby but it’s making him (and Married at First Sight viewers) cringe. He tells the other guys he’s just not this into Mindy. Ouch. Later, he brings it up again over dinner. So, Mindy asks if he wants her to get a boob job. His mouth says “no” but his eyes say “maybe”. The experts should have matched him to himself. Can we all says it together? “Poor Mindy…”

#SaveMindy – Can We Just Stage a MAFS Intervention and Get Her Out?

On Married At First Sight, Mindy calls up Dr Viviana for help. Zach Justice isn’t wearing his ring and broke into a cold sweat when she used the word husband. Dr Viv is nice but is giving the guy wayyy too much credit. The bottom line Mindy needs to hear is this – girl, he’s just not that into you. It’s not your fault though. You seem utterly delightful.

Note to Lifetime: Pleeeeze don’t make her move in with Zach in that Home Goods-furnished DC condo for six weeks more of this torment on Married at First Sight.

Katie Conrad & Derek Sherman – Too Good To Be True on Married At First Sight?

Katie Conrad and cutie Derek Sherman honestly do seem to the most real on this season of Married At First Sight. They have an ease like they met at a college kegger and just kept going from there. It doesn’t feel forced like it sometimes does with Jen and Austin. Although Derek admits he’s over the moon with his reality TV bride, he’s not “in love” yet.

Which is probably the most mature thing anyone has uttered on this show yet. To be fair though, Derek never has been in love. But, he’s happy to inject Katie with insulin and sleep with her dog. So, that’s cool. On Married At First Sight, Katie has been in love before. And there’s a little teasing about her talking about her ex in the next episode.

For now, these Katie and Derek lay around and talk about their shared hatred of packing. And, how many ways they’re alike. Katie says it will now be about dealing with their everyday differences back at home.

So, until next time… Stay out of elevators with explosive Brandon Reid and wait for the next MAFS Wednesday nights at 8 PM on Lifetime.

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