‘Married at First Sight’: AJ and Stephanie – Are They Still Together?

Married at First Sight pair AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen had sparks early on the Lifetime show. They seemed like a good match initially. And, they were the first pair on their season to be intimate with one another. But, that didn’t always mean smooth sailing for this duo. They faced their share of drama in front of the Lifetime cameras. Where are they now?

Married at First Sight: Stephanie Sersen & AJ Vollmoeller Confronted Issues

There seemed to be instant chemistry between Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller on their season of Married at First Sight. Right out of the gate, it looked like the experts struck gold in the matchmaking department. AJ and his bride Stephanie quickly became a front-runner couple on their season of the show. They also became a measuring stick for the other pairs.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Stephanie, the Married at First Sight bride. AJ Vollmoeller has a big personality. He says what he thinks. And, that doesn’t always come across in a good way. In addition, in stressful situations AJ has a bit of a temper.

Stephanie was worried about his short fuse and when AJ would become angry. Not just during their time filming, but also what that could mean for their future together.

MAFS: Making Things Work When the Cameras Leave

A big part of the Married at First Sight experience is finding a way to make things work when the cameras and the experts leave. At one point, AJ Vollmoeller had a meltdown in front of the cameras. And, it seemed like the stress of filming started to get to him. AJ began taking that out on everyone around him. And, Stephanie Sersen didn’t like what she was seeing.

Remember, newly-marrieds, like Stephanie and AJ, have access to the MAFS experts while filming. This can be invaluable when it comes to navigating those early relationship hurdles. Especially with a complete stranger. But, some Married at First Sight couples fall apart as soon as that support system exits. Still, others find a way to succeed on their own once the cameras and the bright lights leave them alone.

Married at First Sight Update: AJ Vollmoeller & Stephanie Sersen – Are They Still Together?

It turns out, the Married at First Sight cameras leaving may have been the best thing for AJ Vollmoeller and wife Stephanie Sersen. Their first year of marriage seems to have gone as well as one could hope. They both take a practical approach when it comes to living together. And, it doesn’t seem like they step on each other’s toes much.

Many Married at First Sight partners struggle when it comes to things like dividing housework. But, for Stephanie Sersen and hubby AJ Vollmoeller, they both step up when something needs done. And, that approach seems to reduce hassle in their marriage. They’re both independent people with strong opinions. Yet, they look to find the ideal formula to balance one another and make their relationship work. They celebrated their first anniversary in September 2019. And, it looks like more happy years in store.

Because, AJ Vollmoeller and bride Stephanie Sersen took the time to build their bond in the first year of their marriage. And, they seem to be doing better for it. That first year following Married at First Sight can be make or break for many pairs. And, new married couples on the upcoming season may want to take a page out of their book when it comes to finding that balance in the first year.

Don’t forget to tune in to the all-new MAFS season this January on Lifetime.

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