‘Married at First Sight’: Stephanie & AJ Pack for Funky Road Trip

Married at First Sight‘s Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller recently hit the road in a retro Volkswagen party bus. The Lifetime pair are avid travelers—even during the current COVID-19 pandemic. What latest adventure did the duo begin?

Married at First Sight: AJ Vollmoeller & Stephanie Sersen Hit the Road in Style

AJ Vollmoeller and wife Stephanie Sersen packed up and headed for Colorado recently. That was not long after they soaked up the Caribbean sun in Aruba. Traveling and adventures are interest the Married at First Sight couple have in common. And, it certainly brings them even closer as a couple.

Meanwhile, they took in the sights in style — in a Volkswagen bus to boot. Stephanie updated Married at First Sight watchers on their plans to visit The Centennial State. And, viewers gave the couple some thoughtful suggestions for spots to check out on their trip.

Married at First Sight: AJ Vollmoeller - Stephanie Sersen

MAFS: Stephanie & AJ Take in the Sights

Thanks to a Married at First Sight fan suggestion, Stephanie Sersen and hubby, AJ really enjoyed their time in Colorado’s Garden of the Gods nature center. Along with taking in the landscape, the tourist destination offers other things like climbing, Segway tours, and more.

Stephanie Sersen added that the location is “amazing.” The wife of AJ Vollmoeller also said that the wheels they rented to see the sights is the best way to do it. Meanwhile, she left Married at First Sight viewers with some words of wisdom, too. Stephanie said that “sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.” And, it seems she lives by those words.

Married at First Sight: AJ Vollmoeller - Stephanie Sersen

Married at First Sight Duo Goes a Long Way to Keep Love Alive

Traveling is a big part of life for Stephanie Sersen and her husband, AJ. They are both successful in their careers, yet make time to travel and enjoy all of their hard work. When Stephanie was recently in Aruba with AJ, she reminded her Married at First Sight followers that this is why she works.

The MAFS duo celebrated their first anniversary in Australia. And, in their first year of marriage, they visited 11 different countries. That’s 23 different flights in total. So, with COVID-19 and its travel restrictions, that threw a wrench into a lot of their plans.

Still, even with current restrictions in place, it’s clear that AJ and spouse Stephanie find ways to scratch that travel itch and live their best life as a Married at First Sight tandem. Meanwhile, Stephanie told fans recently that they’ve got several other trips lined up, too. That includes ringing in their second anniversary in Colombia.

As one of nine successful Married at First Sight couples, AJ Vollmoeller and spouse Stephanie Sersen always find ways to make their marriage thrive. And, having a life partner – as well as a travel partner – seems to be an excellent way to keep things fresh and exciting for the pair.

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