‘Married at First Sight’: Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller Travel to Exotic Location

Married at First Sight pair Stephanie Sersen and husband AJ Vollmoeller gave in to the travel bug recently. Despite worldwide restrictions due to COVID-19, the Lifetime couple made the trek to an exotic tourist destination. Where did the avid travelers land this time around?

Married at First Sight Update: Stephanie Sersen & AJ Vollmoeller Back to Trekking the Globe

Along with many other things this Married at First Sight twosome have in common, AJ Vollmoeller and his wife Stephanie Sersen love to travel. AJ told Soap Dirt exclusively that they took six vacations in under a year. This included visiting 11 different countries – and taking a total of 23 different flights.

The Married at First Sight duo went to places like Australia. And, they are both up for adventure – wherever that takes them. And, that makes things especially difficult during COVID-19 quarantine when traveling comes with even more risk. But, it looks like AJ and spouse Stephanie didn’t let that stop them recently.

Married at First Sight: Stephanie Sersen

MAFS: AJ & Stephanie in Aruba

Turns out, Stephanie Sersen currently vacations in Aruba. And, of course, she has Married at First Sight hubby AJ Vollmoeller in tow. Stephanie shared happy updates soaking up the sun at the popular Caribbean tourist destination. Meanwhile, they also do activities like scuba diving, and more.

AJ Vollmoeller’s wife shared clips from their hotel. And, you can spot the fantastic view from the balcony of their room. Moreover, one of the best parts is all the white sand beaches and clear blue water below. It looks like the perfect getaway after being cooped up in quarantine for the last few months.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Sersen has a travel blog “in progress”. So, it makes sense for her to want to document her destinations with Married at First Sight groom, AJ Vollmoeller. They have other trips planned after this one. But, at least for now, they both seem happy to be in a different location with lockdown currently impacting travel.

Married at First Sight: Stephanie Sersen

What’s Next for Married at First Sight Husband & Wife?

As one of nine Married at First Sight matches still together, Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller are an example of when the experts and the show get it right. They both have outgoing, loud personalities. And, they seem compliment each other’s personalities.

They both appear in the Married at First Sight Lifetime spinoff, Couples’ Cam. And, they are both very much involved in the MAFS community. Meanwhile, AJ doesn’t have as much work since lockdown took effect. So, the married couple find ways to balance being home together a lot more.

Even with everything currently going on, it looks like the Married at First Sight cast members want to continue traveling. Stephanie Sersen said recently that she will attend a friend’s wedding in Minnesota in August. And, they plan to visit Colombia to mark their two-year anniversary as a married couple. So, there’s definitely a lot currently in the works for the MAFS couple once they’re done soaking up the sand and sun in Aruba.

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