‘Luke Cage’ Cancelled: Will Disney Streaming Pick Up Season 3? Fans Call Netflix ‘Racist Trash’

Luke Cage has been cancelled by Netflix and fans are causing terms like “Luke Cage racist” to trend on Twitter. Luke Cage (Mike Colter) won’t return for season 3, and Netflix is feeling the heat. Fans are reacting to the notion that a favorite Marvel character is gone, but are hopeful that Disney could pick up the series.

Luke Cage cancellation brings Disney hopes

News of the cancellation has caused phrases like “Luke Cage trash” to trend in Twitter’s suggestion search box. “Why does Netflix cancel good shows like The Get Down and Luke Cage, but keep trash like 13 Reasons Why?” asked one Twitter  user. Fans theorize that the cancellation could be a ploy to move Cage to Disney’s streaming service and combine it with superheroes like Iron Fist.

The live action series featured Luke battling crime on the streets of New York. Luke Cage was a strong superhero streaming on Netflix with bullet-proof skin. He also was a fan of quoting Scripture and saying things like “sweet Christmas.” Now that Netflix has cancelled Marvel’s super hero show after only two seasons, fans are making their thoughts known on social media. But Variety reports that Luke Cage was produced by Disney for Netflix, so no licensing deal would need to expire.


Will Disney pick up Luke Cage?

In the same way that Last Man Standing fans got their favorite show picked up by another network, Luke Cage fans are hoping for the same deal. That has caused Disney to trend along with the name of the superhero, even though doubts arise about the possibility of Luke living again through other vehicles. Others say the new Disney streaming portal could easily pick the show up.

The Marvel series was cancelled one week after Netflix also killed Iron Fist, after two seasons. Originally ordered by Netflix in 2013, both shows lost their lives on the streaming site. “Harlem’s hero” character was thanked and axed by Netflix. Fans are questioning the lives of Netflix shows that live on in the wake of Luke Cage’s cancellation.



Luke Cage cancelled to be combined on Disney?

Luke Cage’s cancellation came about because of creative differences and term negotiation issues. With season two of the show ending on an emotional climax, fans looked forward to the resolution. The cancellation leaves Marvel shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher. Now fans are debating the Netflix shows that could have been cancelled instead.

Fans are tweeting about the elements of the Marvel show that they will miss, such as the hero hitting the dab or the hip-hop elements of the show. The series on Netflix is being praised for bringing characters and elements to the screen not often seen in superhero series.

Not everyone is mourning the death of the show on Netflix. Some viewers are blaming bad writing, horrible acting, or alleged low viewership. Netflix, however, does not disclose its viewership numbers. Therefore, it is not clear if the viewership dropped dramatically from season to season. What is clear is that fans have a strong opinion of the show being cancelled. But they look forward to the possibility of the series streaming on Disney.

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