‘Baby’: Netflix Tackles True Sex Trafficking Story – Gets Slammed [Video]

Baby on Netflix starts streaming on Friday, November 30, and the series has already gained buzz and backlash. So much so that the drama is in danger of not airing. The six-episode drama that is Netflix’s Baby comes with a mature rating for the first season, because the Netflix series about rich Italian teens dipping their toes into prostitution involves sex. And mature topics surrounding children younger than 18. Ludovica (Alice Pagani) is one of the rich teen girls in the center of the real-life story that the show is based upon. Along with her friend Chiara (Benedetta Porcaroli), Ludovica creates new lives for them as prostitutes. With so much controversy surrounding the series, it’s not clear if it will return for a second season – or if the first season will still stream on Netflix.

Baby on Netflix accused of glamorizing sex trafficking

In spite of the focus on the true sex scandal, the new Netflix drama has drawn the wrath of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE). The organization condemned Netflix’s Baby and urged viewers to “tell Netflix to stop streaming show about… sex trafficking.” Their website boldly proclaims that there is nothing “edgy” about sexual exploitation. The NCOSE urges people to take action by demanding that the online service cease plans to stream the series.

However, Netflix‘s Baby is based on a true scandal – the “Baby Squillo” or “Baby Ring” prostitution bust. Back in 2013, the sex scandal occurred – but it wasn’t revealed until 2014. With the drama unfolding in Rome’s Parioli district, the controversy rocked the wealthy Italian society. However, as Baby explores the two rich Roman girls checking out the seedy parts of Rome after family and school pressures drive them away, Netflix gains backlash.

Netflix’s Baby is no “coming-of-age” tale, claim critics

Indeed, the saucy trailers portray high school girls having a womanly awakening of sorts. But Baby critics claim that the show shouldn’t portray teenagers entering prostitution as a glamorized choice. Children younger than 18 years of age involved in commercial sex trafficking are deemed victims. The true story the “Baby Ring” involved a mother of one teen girl arrested and charged with sex trafficking.

As such, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is pressuring Netflix to stop making prostitution seem like a normal and fun adventure by streaming Baby. The organization called Netflix “completely tone-deaf on the realities of sexual exploitation,” according to executive director Dawn Hawkins. Baby has been dubbed “edgy” by Netflix’s VP of International Originals Erik Barmack. Therefore, the two leaders have differing viewpoints about Netflix’s Baby.

Will 6 episodes still stream on Netflix on November 30, amid backlash?

If the show still streams amid the backlash, the online network will begin airing the drama on Friday, November 30. Just like Netflix’s series Insatiable, which gained backlash for fat shaming, Baby is getting its fair share of buzz. However, viewer interest in the goings-on of prostitutes in the rich neighborhood of Rome named Parioli may fuel the series forward.”Roma Nord” rich teens versus poorer “Roma Sud” South Rome inhabitants is a dynamic not often explored in TV shows. At least not in the U.S.

The first 44-minute long episode is titled “Superpowers”. It introduces viewers to the exclusive private high school that Chiara and Ludovica attend, along with Damiano. Damiano is a mystery guy who becomes central to the plot. Next is “Puppet,” which covers Chiara’s love life. In the “#Friendzone” third episode, potential solutions to money troubles cause more drama. As “Emma” reveals more of Chiara’s reckless behavior, “The Last Shot” finds Chiara and her parents in therapy. Lastly, “#Love” mixes with guilt, fear, and a life-changing moment.

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