‘Insatiable’ Netflix Cancellation Petition: Debby Ryan ‘Fatty Patty’ Show Nears 200,000 Signatures

Netflix’s Insatiable, starring Debby Ryan, hits screens on August 10th. The show is a “coming of rage story” according to Netflix.  However it’s the trailer for Insatiable that has drawn the rage. In the new show, Fatty Patty (Debby Ryan) has her jaw wired shut to lose weight. When Patty returns to school, she is thinner, and insatiable for revenge. The Insatiable Netflix TV series trailer has exploded. Over 2.2 million viewers watched it in just seven days.

Insatiable Change.org petition against Debby Ryan’s ‘Fatty Patty’ role

The Insatiable Netflix trailer is less than two minutes long. But the Netflix Insatiable trailer has started a Change.org petition that’s nearing 200,000 signatures. Due to the Netflix series employing a thinner actress to wear a fat suit, backlash has begun. Some people want Insatiable cancelled before it even airs on Netflix.

The Insatiable petition creator wants Netflix to stop “Fatty Patty” and ban the Netflix series. Some signers of the petition call Insatiable a fat-shaming series. Google Trends reports “Fatty Patty Netflix” as a breakout search term. Others are asking, “When is Insatiable coming out?”

Getting one’s jaw wired shut and the potential dangers are a hot topic on social media.


Should Netflix cancel Insatiable?

The Insatiable Netflix series, which isn’t a movie, has brought the below defense from Ryan. Many watchers of the trailer bristle at the fat suit Debby wears as Patty. Others are defending Netflix’s right to explore weight loss via Insatiable, reports NEWS.com.au.

Meanwhile, the show created plenty of buzz for Insatiable on Netflix because of the controversy. The petition declares that Insatiable “needs to be cancelled.”because of it’s fat shaming theme.

It’s not clear if Netflix will pull the plug. Called “sinister” for teenage girls, Insatiable is being accused of causing eating disorders.


Insatiable backlash brings Netflix buzz

Google also reports that terms like “fat shaming Netflix” and “Insatiable backlash” are trending because of the controversy. The “Insatiable TV series petition” phrase is experiencing a “breakout” search uptick.

It seems the outrage over the Insatiable trailer has become its best advertiser because it sparks debate on social media.

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