‘American Vandal’: Laxatives in Lunch Lemonade Video Gets 2.5 Million Views [Graphic]

American Vandal is a Netflix mockumentary drama that has captivated Twitter. That’s because a portion of American Vandal made it onto Twitter with the caption, “Student pranks entire school by putting laxatives in lemonade.”

From there the viral video purportedly showing students literally losing their lunches via various orifices went viral. Some folks think it’s real. But it’s the work of fiction.

American Vandal laxative lunch prank up to 2.5M views

The melee seem to have begun with one Twitter post that racked up 1.99 million views in 15 hours. From there, World Star Hip Hop got ahold of the “Student pranks entire school by putting laxatives in lemonade” caption. The video transformed to “Horrible: Student Pranks The Whole School By Putting Laxatives In Their Lunch!” That video has garnered nearly 500,000 views.

However, the “Turd Burglar” is the mysterious character who put laxatives in the lemonade at a private school. Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) star as two viral crime documentary creators. They attempt to solve the “Brownout” caused at a high school in Bellevue, Washington. Many suspects are viewed as a possible “Turd Burglar.”

Confused and delighted viewers

Those who have never heard of American Vandal, which just began its second season, certainly will now. The videos keep going viral, and are so lifelike as they examine potential suspects. Snapchat labels complaining about odor are emblazoned across vertical videos. They make the prank seem real.

Social media accounts for “the Turd Burglar” on Instagram feature the prankster tagging people in humiliating footage. Kevin McClain (Travis Tope) seems to be the perfect criminal, since a grass stain in fourth grade earned him the nickname “S*** Stain McClain.”

Warning, the below video is graphic, even though it’s not real life:

American Vandal captures social media angst – but why’d Kevin poop his pants?

Kevin put the laxatives in the lemonade during a fire drill. At least that’s what authorities assume. Tanner Bassett (Jay Lee) was Kevin’s previous best friend, who gave him up. The 17-year-old “kid” was a bullied guy who had a mountain of evidence against him. The cops gave the young man time to confess, after leaving the room for a bit.

In the end, a confession eventually comes. Three crimes were performed at the fake school in eight days. Little quips about the incident prove the veracity of the writing. “Old people die on the toilet all the time,” Kevin said about sparing Brother Buckley by spilling his lemonade onto the floor. “It made sense that the kids bullied them about the music. It was garbage.”

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