‘Luke Cage’ Canceled: Netflix Marvel Fans Never Saw This Coming

Luke Cage with Mike Colter is canceled after only two seasons on Netflix with the announcement leaving shocked fans in its wake. The Marvel character #Luke Cage is trending on social media today for that very reason. Fans of the Netflix show never saw this coming for Marvel’s Harlem hero, Luke Cage.

Luke Cage Canceled – Netflix Shocks Marvel Fans

The canceling of Luke Cage comes on the heels of Netflix canceling the show Iron Fist. The cancelation of this other fan favorite was announced last week.

Fans took to the social media sites to voice their disappointment about the decision to cancel the popular Netflix show. #LukeCage is trending on Twitter Saturday morning as word spread there won’t be a season 3.

#LukeCage Canceled – Behind the Scene Tensions

According to Deadline, the “rising tensions” behind the scenes over the past month came to a head in the past 48 hours. The demise of Luke Cage boiled down to that catch-all, “creative differences.”

The announcement came after all parties involved couldn’t reach an agreement on how to move the Marvel venue forward on Netflix.

Detailed drafts for five of the projected 10-episode third season of Luke Cage were delivered this week to both Marvel and Netflix. In the last 48-hours, talks on how to move the show forward ended in turmoil. This resulted in the chopping block for the popular Marvel venue.

Luke Cage Canceled – Fans Flood Social Media

Disappointed, unhappy, and even some angry Luke Cage fans flocked to social media. They expressed their sadness over the show’s cancelation.

Some fans mentioned that the second season of of the Netflix show was not as good as the first season. But they thought the show was popular enough to at least offer a third season and possibly turn it around.

It doesn’t sound like the show is axed for lack of viewers. If that were the case, Luke Cage fans might be more understanding.

New shows constantly emerge on Netflix and shows disappear, but there’s quite a stir today over cutting this Marvel character.

#LukeCage Canceled – Another Marvel Show Gone on Netflix

Twitter lit up when the announcement made the rounds across the the internet. One Marvel fan wrote:

“Luke Cage, it was a great show. I have Netflix for my kids mostly but it was great to have some great #Marvel shows there too.”

Others hoped Luke Cage would find a new home with another network. A Twitter user wrote:  #LukeCage #Netflix canceled it?! Hopefully, another network will pick it up… damn!

While many fans had their say, some went as far as vowing to cancel Netflix over this cancelation. A Marvel fan wrote:

“Wait, what? @netflix cancels #LukeCage too? You know what? Enough is enough. No more Netflix for me. The #Marvel series has been THE reason for me. #BringBackIronFist #BringBackLukeCage.”

Fans are beside themselves today as Luke Cage won’t be coming back for season 3. Will the Marvel series get picked up by another network as some fans suggest? Stranger things have happened. Come back to Soap Dirt for more on Luke Cage news.