‘Love Island’: How Does the CBS Show Work in Season 2?

Love Island season 2 with host Arielle Vandenberg is almost here. But this season is going to be different than last season. It’s even juicier and has more twists than you will believe.

Love Island: The Hottest Singles Around

The singles on season two of Love Island are some of the hottest people you’ve ever seen. And they aren’t afraid to show a little—or a lot of—skin. In fact, you might need to put your sunglasses on when you see their glistening bodies coming up out of the water.

Everyone is asking how Love Island can take place. Isn’t everyone supposed to be quarantined? These people don’t look like they are staying away from each other at all. Good eye, fans.

The producers of Love Island took the time to quarantine everyone that will be on the show. You don’t have to watch everyone be boring in a quarantine show because they are allowed to get together. They spent three weeks away quarantined to reduce the chances that Love Island participants would spread COVID-19.

Love Island

Finding True Love or Hooking Up?

The guys and girls from Love Island said there were tired of staying away from the opposite sex. In fact, everyone looks more than ready to mingle, but not all for the same reasons. Some of the people on the show are looking for love while others are looking for a hookup.

Love can be very different for each of the Love Island contestants. With that being said, who knows who is going to get played and who is going to be a player. We’ll soon see how everything plays out since we’ll be able to watch every night. Yes, that’s right. The show will be on every night, and America will get to vote on their favorite couples.

Love Island starts off with five girls and five guys. But not long after, they threw a wrench into the machine in the form of a very sexy extra lady. And she gets to steal one of the girl’s men. Shocker.

Love Island

Love Island: More Twists and Turns

That’s not the only surprise that happens with Love Island. After the surprise girl comes in, they throw in three surprise guys. And then more and more singles keep coming. There are lots of tears and freakouts, and we even saw a few people come home.

One of the people that went home was not happy about it since they weren’t on the island long at all. It seems like they wanted to stay and hang out for some more fun in the sun. After all, after quarantine, why wouldn’t you want to stay in paradise with a bunch of other sexy people?

Every time host, Arielle Vandenberg, comes out, people are glad to see her. But she’s also the bearer of bad news, so they have mixed feelings. You definitely don’t want to miss the first episode that comes on Monday, August 24th, at 8 pm on CBS.

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