‘Love Island’: Host Arielle Vandenberg & Producers Dish on Season 2 & New Twists

Love Island‘s season 2 is premiering this week on CBS. Its host, Arielle Vandenberg, and some of the executive producers spilled some info on what we can expect from the new season. COVID-19 may have affected its location, but the show will go on as planned, according to the execs. You might not even notice the difference. In other news, what new twists can you expect to take place this season?

Love Island: Arielle Vandenberg Spills Tea on Season 2

It’s almost here. We’ve been waiting all summer for the premiere of the second season of the US version of Love Island. Arielle Vandenberg, it’s host, just shared some juicy details about the season. She said it’s, “real exciting” for them to be back after the COVID-19 pandemic caused uncertainty for the show’s future. Arielle says that the new cast of sexy singles is “ready to mingle.”

Love Island season 2’s cast was revealed a couple of days ago.  They’ll be gracing our televisions seven nights a week. The good-looking guys are James McCool, Tre Forte, Johnny Middlebrooks, Carrington Rodriguez, Connor Trott, and Jeremiah White. Meanwhile, it’s lustrous ladies are Cely Vazquez, Moira Tumas, Justine Ndiba, Mackenzie Dipman, and Kaitlynn Anderson.  There’s one more guy than girls, which spells drama for the villa.

Love Island: Cast

COVID-19 Changes For Season 2

Because of COVID-19, Love Island production had to make some changes to how they go about filming the show. For one, the location has moved from the beautiful island of Fiji to Las Vegas. Also, for the safety of the entire cast and crew, the contestants have been in quarantine for weeks. Arielle Vandenberg says that’s caused them to be “amped” about finally entering the villa.

One of the Love Island executive producers, Ben Thursby-Palmer, said they’d taken all of the necessary precautions in this strange time. They’ve changed things behind the scenes “so that the show” as we watch it won’t be different. He says that “the show itself will be the same.”

Love Island: Host Arielle Says There Will Be New Twists

Jessica Castro, another executive producer, teased that this season of the show will be “bigger and better” than the first. Not only will viewers have more power than ever before, but they can make decisions for the show on the Love Island app. Plus, there will be a brand new second villa that will switch up the show like never before.

Fans are excited to see how everything plays out and how the cast can use their voting powers in season 2. Watch the new season of Love Island as it premieres August 24, on Monday night, at 8 pm on CBS.

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