‘Love Island’: Films in Landlocked Location This Year – See Where & Why

Love Island USA started its latest season, and fans saw things are a lot different this year. Last year, they were on an actual island in Fiji. But this year, with COVID-19, things are a lot different.

Love Island in Vegas, Baby

Everyone is confused about Love Island taping in Las Vegas. There aren’t any islands in Vegas are there? Well, it seems like there is one– in the sky. The cast and crew are hanging out atop the Cromwell hotel in Drai’s Beachclub.

You’ve likely seen this club in a few movies based in Sin City. But fans wonder why they didn’t take everyone to an island instead of a hotel. After all, it is called Love Island — not Love Lockdown.

We heard initially, they planned to go back to Fiji, but then the country wouldn’t approve Love Island or Survivor to return to filming there. Now, it seems like the love-hungry cast is excited to be anywhere with others and without masks.

Love Island: Kaitlynn Anderson

Melting in the Nevada Sun

Cast members of Love Island are sweltering in the hot sun. In fact, Kaitlyn Anderson even asked Tre Forte if her lip was sweating. In the end, it worked out for her — since she got some sweet, sweet kisses from him.

There aren’t too many places for the players to get out of the sun on their island atop a hotel. There are some kissing nooks. But fans of Love Island hope everyone is wearing plenty of sunscreen — because they definitely aren’t wearing much clothing.

It’s amazing what a shot at love (and $100k) can do to motivate you to go the extra mile. Some of the couples are definitely here to find love, but Love Island fans think others are in it for the money — and the hookups.

Love Island: Moira Tumas - James McCool

Love Island: What to Expect in Season 2

We will get another season that’s exciting and sexy. And that means every single night of the week, we’ll see these hotties mix and match as the game continues. There have already been a few shockers that upset cast members.

For instance, the steal that took place on the Love Island episode that really got under Tre Forte’s skin. But it looks like things are just going to get more intense. With “cozy” hot tub dates and sexy fun, the sun is going to have competition as to who is the hottest.

No one is safe on when it comes to matching up with the steals and surprise drop-ins. If tears, drama, and backstabbing are your things, you’re going to love this season of the CBS reality show. Even if it isn’t really on an island like usual.

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