‘Love Island’: Connor Trott Says He’s Got No Game – See Who Does

Love Island’s Connor Trott says he’s got no game — but it doesn’t look like that matters to fans. Instead, one fan commented and said they would come to the island if they could get someone like Connor.

Love Island: Connor Trott Learns to Dance During Quarantine

Connor Trott, the auditor, was productive with his time during the quarantine. What better way to prepare for Love Island than to learn to dance? After all, the whole cast was holed up in hotels in Las Vegas for three weeks.

All of them are probably ready to break it down on the dance floor. And that’s despite how good — or bad — they dance. Since Connor says he doesn’t have any game, maybe the dance moves he learned will help him pick up his perfect lady. Now, Connor said he wants to find someone to marry.

Connor already said he wants to get married and have kids. So, Connor Trott hopes Love Island helps his lack of game. With everyone stuck together on the island, maybe he’ll find his woman. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan on the CBS reality show.

Love Island: Kaitlynn Anderson

Kaitlynn Anderson Eats Instead of Dating

Love Island star Kaitlynn is ready to get back on the scene. It doesn’t sound like Kaitlynn’s had a date since before the quarantine. And that means a lot of pent up energy, which means she is more than happy to show everyone her sexy dance moves.

Kaitlynn said everyone else was going on Zoom dates. But, she admits she was eating and drinking during the quarantine. So, it seems like Kaitlynn Anderson from Love Island has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the dating department of her life.

Whatever the case, she said that she doesn’t think a man she likes would like another girl. And if they did like another girl, then there’s something wrong with them. If they don’t like her, then she doesn’t want them anyway. Good strategy for Love Island, Kaitlynn Anderson…

Love Island: Moira Tumas

Love Island: Moira Tumas Ready for Marriage

If you want to talk about someone that is high strung — let’s talk about Moira Tumas. Her energy is at a 20 out of 10, and she is on the prowl for a man. She said she’s “boy crazy” since her last break-up. And that was two years ago. Now, whenever she sees a hot guy, she can’t control herself.

In fact, Moira from Love Island said that she tells a guy right away that she likes him. Moira goes from the “I don’t know you” stage right to talking marriage and babies. So, maybe she and Connor Trott will find each other and get the marriage they want.

Maybe not though — because Moira Tumas says she’s not great with guys either. Two people without game may not make a love match. Watch the CBS reality show’s second season to see what happens.

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