‘Love After Lockup’: What’s Really Wrong with Scott’s Lip?

Love After Lockup star Scott found love with Lindsey Downs on the show. But, viewers talk about him for a different reason. Many followers wonder what’s wrong with his upper lip. And, he recently came clean. What did he reveal?

Love After Lockup: What’s Wrong with Scott’s Lip?

Even though the main focus of Love After Lockup is how former felons adjust to life on the outside with their civilian lovers, fans focus on Scott’s storyline with Lindsey for a different reason. Since the premiere of the brand new season, viewers question what’s wrong with the businessman’s upper lip.

It looks swollen in Love After Lockup episodes. And, followers speculated on what it could be. Everything from lip fillers to a cleft palate is on the table when it comes to discussions among fans. And, Scott recently silenced the rumors and clarified what’s really going on with his lip situation.

Love After Lockup: Scott

Scott Reveals the Mystery Behind It

With so much speculation among Love After Lockup watchers, Scott recently addressed the situation publicly and put the rumors to rest. He said outright that he doesn’t have lip fillers, cancer, or a cleft palate. So, that at least closes the book on those rumors.

According to Scott, he is allergic to certain “food preservatives”. And, a flare-up coincided with filming this new season of Love After Lockup. He didn’t specify what he ate specifically, or what food preservatives cause this. But, it’s clear this is a temporary reaction and not something permanent due to a condition.

Preservatives in food and other products help extend the shelf life. But, a lot of the time, for those with an allergic reaction to them, this can result in contact dermatitis. Some preservatives that may cause a flare-up include sulfites, benzoates and antioxidants. So, it could be one of these responsible for Scott’s swollen lip.

Love After Lockup: Scott Bradshaw

What’s Next on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup spoilers show Scott looking for Lindsey Downs on the WEtv show. He waited for her to land but she wasn’t on her flight. And, Scott tries to find out where she is. Meanwhile, based on the latest off-camera news, that may no longer be a concern for him.

Soap Dirt’s source recently said Scott tossed Lindsey Downs out of the home they shared. And, this happened following a recent return to crime. Lindsey was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent, and possession of a firearm.

In addition, police picked her up again for possession of a stolen vehicle and fleeing arrest. Love After Lockup clips show Lindsey tried to outrun the cops at over 100 miles an hour in the past. So, it looks like she did something similar this time around, too.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Downs is currently behind bars – and facing a serious amount of time there. And, it looks like Scott is finally done with her and no longer footing the bill. Moreover, how much of this drama makes it into the current season of the show is worth watching.

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