‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Going Away – Off to Rehab?

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman has had a lot going on recently with husband Clint Brady. And now, she says she’s going to be gone for a while. Is she headed back to rehab? What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Disappearing?

Love After Lockup celeb Tracie Wagaman recently dropped the news on her Cameo video page. It’s a major source of revenue for her. And, she gets a lot of orders from fans. She posted a short video on the platform updating her followers. In addition, Tracie Wagaman said she would be away for roughly two weeks. She said she needed time “for herself”. But, could there be more to the story?

Tracie Wagaman didn’t go into great detail, but there is speculation among Love After Lockup viewers that she could be headed back to rehab. Clint Brady and goddess Tracie Wagaman’s drug use has been well documented. And, Clint Brady’s mom Alice recently called out her daughter-in-law for ditching rehab. Could she be headed back to drug rehab?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - Cameo

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Ups Price of Cameo Videos

Along with the recent video update, Tracie Wagaman recently raised the price of her Cameo videos (personalized video shout-outs) for Love After Lockup followers. Each video now costs $80. Some celebs are offering Black Friday discounts for people, but it looks like Tracie Wagaman is doing the opposite.

Meanwhile, she encouraged interested Love After Lockup watchers to book as soon as possible if they want her to be able to get to them on time. There’s debate among Love After Lockup viewers regarding how much of the money earned from these clips has gone toward funding Tracie’s drug habit. And, upping the price to $80 apiece will surely raise some eyebrows among fans. Still, she does have a lot of 5-star reviews. So, it’s likely fans will continue to book either way.

What Happens Next for Clint Brady and His Goddess?

Love After Lockup fans know Clint Brady and wife Tracie Wagaman will be on the upcoming season of Life After Lockup. Meanwhile, for the time being, the couple seems committed to sticking together and working through their issues. Even so, Tracie still has a lot on her plate.

Life After Lockup spoilers show WE tv cameras catch up with Tracie behind bars following her arrest back in September for possession of a controlled substance. Meanwhile, teaser clips show Clint Brady standing by her. She still has pending charges to face from that incident.

Catch Clint Brady and Tracie on the upcoming installment of Life After Lockup, January 3 only on WE tv.

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