‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman’s Other Big TV Debut

Love After Lockup cast member Tracie Wagaman made her TV debut long before finding fame with Clint Brady as a prison inmate looking for love. Apparently, Tracie has a long history as a criminal in addition to her drug problem. Tracie can’t seem to keep herself out of prison and it started years ago.

Love After Lockup History: Tracie Wagaman Can’t Stay on the Right Side of the Law

On Love After Lockup, viewers saw Tracie Wagaman in prison for drug related charges. Then, she went back to prison again after her marriage to Clint. Remember, that was the first time she broke his heart by stealing his car and leaving him at the hotel room to go get high right after tying the knot. However, Tracie did the leave the engagement ring on Love After Lockup.

Clearly, it is hard for Tracie to stay out of trouble because of her drug addiction. But, it won’t surprise Love After Lockup fans to learn her trouble with the law began many years ago. Tracie Wagaman was in with some shady people and found a way to get paid fast. And, there’s a good chance it was to support her drug habit. But, she wound up in jail along with all the others.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Tracie Wagaman’s First TV Debut for Check Fraud

Before Tracie Wagaman made a name for herself on Love After Lockup she was on TV for a different reason. In Odessa Texas she was involved in a huge check scam and made the local news in Odessa Texas. In 2000 and 2001, she was arrested twice for running bad checks. Tracie wound up with jail time for one and probation for the other. She was one of eight people involved in creating fake checks and cashing them all over west Texas.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - TV News

The shady crew were very careful not to go over a certain amount and news reports say the checks were very realistic. The routing and account numbers were real from legitimate businesses but the checks themselves were fake. They created the checks then cashed them at local businesses for a quick payout. No doubt, the Love After Lockup star was living the life until it all came crashing down and she was faced with Federal charges.


Love After Lockup Update: Tracie Wins Big – Split from Clint Brady

Currently on Life After Lockup, Tracie Wagaman is out of rehab. Also, she hit a major jackpot at the casino winning over 15,000 dollars. Plus, she split from Love After Lockup hubby Clint Brady and rubbed her winnings in his face. Certainly, that upset him because he was homeless. On top of that, she kept their good stamp card so he couldn’t buy food.

Since then, Clint says they are over and he is now in Ohio. Plus, he is with a new “goddess” who Tracie claims he was cheating with. At the moment, it seems she’s doing well with her boatload of cash. But, given her track record it won’t be a surprise if she ends up behind bars again soon. Catch LAL Friday’s at 9 pm on WEtv.

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