‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzie Kommes Hacks Hair in Lockdown – See Before and After Pics

Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes takes it all off during COVID-19 lockdown. With many salons and other cosmetic establishments closed due to the pandemic, Scott Davey’s former flame makes due without her usual hair treatments and makeup. What does Lizzie look like on lockdown?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Shows Off Shorter Look

Lizzie Kommes showed off her new look to Love After Lockup watchers. It’s a drastic difference from what viewers see on the WEtv show. Scott Davey’s ex said she decided to go this route “for the summer”. But, it could be the current pandemic influenced her decision.

With lockdown in effect, most cosmetic establishments like hair salons are no longer in business. And, that means she can’t go get things like her hair done. And, her hair is much shorter because of it. At times, Lizzie Kommes glams up for the cameras. But, that’s definitely not the case with this new look.

In addition to the lack of hair extensions, she’s makeup free as well. Lizzie Kommes dressed up often while shooting Love After Lockup and its spinoff. But, it’s clear she ditches all of that in quarantine. And, many of her WEtv followers support the new look.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes

Lizzie Claims Sober After Years of Drug Use

One of the major things Lizzie Kommes struggled with is drug addiction. She used drugs while in prison. And, as seen on Love After Lockup, former boyfriend Scott Davey foot the bill for her much of her habit. But, she really turned her life around since coming out of the clink. Lizzie Kommes recently celebrated three years clean and sober. And, that’s a huge milestone for the former felon and addict.

Love After Lockup celeb Lizzie Kommes started using drugs as a teenager. So, it’s a habit she had for most of her life. And, on top of that, she picked up a heroin habit while in jail. Lizzie often shares Bible verses with her followers. And, she says that turning to religion keeps her on a straight and narrow path after a long history of drug use and trouble with the law.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes

What’s Next for the Love After Lockup Cast Member?

Most Love After Lockup followers know Lizzie from her time on WEtv. But, it looks like she really turned over a new leaf since filming wrapped. There was a lot of drama with Scott – including everything that went down during their public split.

But, since that time, it looks like Lizzie left the drama and drugs behind. And, based on her latest reveal, it seems she left her hair extensions and makeup behind, too.

Meanwhile, along with her hair transformation, she went through a physical transformation, too. Back in November 2019 she started a fitness routine. And, she shared a progress update a few months later in February 2020. On top of that, instead of going back to old habits, she keeps the weight off and regularly shares updates with Love After Lockup fans.

Overall, Lizzie really turned things around since filming Love After Lockup. And, she let go of a lot of bad habits and extra weight. Moreover, based on her latest hair makeover, it seems she let go of a lot of hair, too. Certainly, it’s worth watching what she does next – especially now that she’s clean, sober, and healthier than ever.

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