‘Love after Lockup’: Lizzie Kommes Debuts New Bachelorette Pad

Love After Lockup updates show Lizzie Kommes is in a new place and starting over fresh after a recent arrest and break-up, as we reported. Recently, fans may recall Lizzie struggled a bit. Now, the WEtv reality celeb is back on top and looks stronger than ever.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Debuts New Apartment

Currently, Love After Lockup celeb Lizzie Kommes has a brand-new living situation. Recently, Lizzie split from her boyfriend, Brian. So, she’s making a fresh start. Remember, something went down between Lizzie and Brian. Then, she ended up back in jail – but only for a night.

After, Lizzie admitted she was drinking and claims that’s why she ended up arrested. Now she’s indicating that her relationship with Brian wasn’t ideal. Love After Lockup‘s Lizzie spoke out recently and said the relationship was destructive — and that she drank to cope with it.

Now, Lizzie Kommes says she stopped drinking and is in treatment. If so, then maybe it was just a setback, and she is doing better. Now, she’s moved to a new place too. Of course, Lizzie Kommes may have moved to cut ties to Brian. Now, the Love After Lockup star is showing off part of her new place.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes

Changing Up Her Look Again

Now that Lizzie Kommes of Love After Lockup is again a single woman, she’s changed up her style again as well as where she lives. Before, she was dressing more conservatively. Remember, she traded in her low-cut tops for clothes that cover more.

Her change to a more covered-up style coincided with her dating then-boyfriend, Brian. Maybe, he preferred her to look more modest. It was a pretty drastic change when she started covering up — that’s for certain. Currently, she doesn’t dress too provocatively but swapped her style again.

Now, Lizzie looks more like her prior style but a bit more covered up than her first post-prison wardrobe. So before their split, Brian may have influenced her wardrobe choices. Now, Lizzie is back to her former self it seems. It looks like the Love After Lockup fan-fave is feeling better about herself.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes

Love After Lockup: Post Split Lizzie Trying to Stay Positive

Even though things went a bit sideways recently, Lizzie Kommes from Love After Lockup maintains a positive attitude. And, she still gets a lot of support from her fans. And, of course, she still has her daughter Jazmyne in her life.

The ex-con seems to keep it real and says that she’s not perfect and still has her issues just like everyone. Sometimes things happen, and people make bad choices. But, she picks herself back up and says she learns from her mistakes. With a new apartment, it looks like Lizzie’s moving forward.

No doubt, she’s made it through the tough times and other than her one recent night in jail, is on the straight and narrow. Follow along here for more on Love After Lockup celebrity Lizzie Kommes as she embarks on yet another new start in life.

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