‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzie Kommes Arrested – Domestic Violence Alleged

Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes was arrested today in Wisconsin, and at this time, remains in her local county jail. Although Lizzie’s new life seemed to be going well, these new domestic violence allegations point to trouble in paradise.

Love After Lockup: Sober Life Agreed with Lizzie Kommes – So What Happened?

When Lizzie Kommes first popped up on the WEtv show, she was engaged to Scott Davey, and things didn’t do well. Scott admitted he also struggled with substance abuse issues, and they eventually broke up with her taking the car he gave her and leaving.

Since then, Lizzie relocated to another town in Wisconsin, and devoted herself to her daughter, Jazmyne Kommes, bible study, and staying sober. We’ve seen her on Life After Lockup and Love After Lockup, and Lizzie seemed to be staying clean and doing well.

With her job as a forklift driver, Lizzie Kommes lived alone, spent time with her cat, and shared her daily Bible devotionals. Besides bikini photos on boat days, Lizzie’s also adopted modest clothing and a simpler lifestyle after her time on Love After Lockup. So what went wrong this week?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes arrest

Trouble With New Boyfriend Brian – Did He Get Her Arrested?

We reported over the Summer that Lizzie Kommes had a new boyfriend named Brian, and things seemed serious with him. He looked a little like her Love After Lockup ex, only younger (see above). Lizzie said Brian gave her a promise ring, and things looked happy with the twosome.

Today, law enforcement in Port Washington arrested Lizzie, and there’s now a “domestic abuse” case lodged against her. The petitioner requested a temporary restraining order against Love After Lockup‘s Lizzie. However, in this type of case, they protect the ID of the alleged victim.

So, did the new guy Brian call the police on her? Either way, the court documents won’t reflect it. That’s common to protect victims of violence. For now, the Love After Lockup alum remains in holding at the jail. She has a hearing scheduled on the domestic violence TRO next week.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes mugshot

Lizzie Kommes Mugshot Shows Her Smiling – Love After Lockup Celeb Unworried?

One bizarre thing about this arrest is that she has a big smile on her face in her mugshot. Perhaps she’s not concerned about the charges because she’s sure she’s innocent. Or, it could be that she’s not worried because she’s faced harsher charges.

No doubt, the Love After Lockup felon faced much stiffer charges over her many years of incarceration. For now, the domestic abuse restraining order is a civil action. We will update you here. So far, the court lists no criminal charges. But the Wisconsin criminal justice system may have more to say on Lizzie Kommes’ latest arrest.

As of this writing, Lizzie is in jail. And the courts are protecting the identity of her accuser in this alleged domestic case. Check here for updates on this new legal drama for Lizzie Kommes.

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