‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzie Gets the Life She Always Wanted?

Love After Lockup cast member Lizzie Kommes has been chasing the good life ever since she was pen pals with Scott Davey while she was in prison. Now, it looks like she’s loving life and is on top of the world. But, who is Lizzie Kommes spending time with these days?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Out and About

Love After Lockup celeb Lizzie Kommes seems to be a very busy bee these days. Lately, she’s always out doing something and loves sharing her adventures with her loyal followers. Also, Lizzie is most often seen outdoors. Clearly, she loves nature.

Most recently, she was out on a swanky boat with an absolutely gorgeous (and huge) dog. A 155lb bullmastiff named Mia to be exact. However, those dogs are not cheap. And, they need a house with a large yard to run in. So, whoever owns Mia clearly doesn’t live in a little apartment.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes

LALU: Who’s Lizzie Hangin With?

Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes sure is living it up lately. But, fans are probably wondering who Lizzie is enjoying all of her activities with. Whoever it is seems to enjoy the finer things in life just like Lizzie does. At one point, she was dating a guy named Dru who was a bit younger than her. And, they seemed very compatible.

However, she isn’t with him much lately. So, she may be with someone new. Or, she might just have met a friend with fabulous taste. No doubt, Lizzie like to live it up. However, it’s unclear at the moment who is with her on all her outings. Most importantly, the Love After Lockup is completely happy with herself and that’s all that matters.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes

Love After Lockup: Living Her Best Life

Love After Lockup fan-fave Lizzie Kommes looks like she is loving her life. No doubt, the former inmate worked incredibly hard to turn her life around. She’s 3 years sober and in the best shape ever. Also, she seems to be very close with her daughter Jazmyn. Of course, she’s the one who suffered the most while Lizzie was in prison.

But, now they seem to be in a very good place. And, she’s very religious now as well. Sadly, Lizzie didn’t like the person she was. But, now, she loves herself and is proud of herself as well. Keep up with Lizzie Kommes of Love After Lockup as she continues to live life to the fullest and better herself.

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