‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzie Kommes Celebrates 3 Years Clean & Sober

Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes celebrated a proud milestone in her life. Lizzie shared that her drug use started at a very young age. However, it only got worse once she found herself in prison for a decade. Now, she is no longer who she was when she was younger. Lizzie is now three years sober and clean of any drugs.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Addicted to Drugs as a Teen

The Life After Lockup celeb, Lizzie Kommes, stared using drugs at an early age. At the age of seventeen, she was already hooked on drugs. Lizzie wasn’t happy with her self. The Love After Lockup ex-inmate didn’t like who she had become because of what she was doing to herself. Her drug use only got worse once she found her self in trouble with the law.

The Love After Lockup cast member’s drug use didn’t stop once she went to prison. Lizzie Kommes spent 10 years in prison for a DUI and bribery charge. She said that once she was in prison she “picked up a new habit.” Lizzie became addicted to heroin while behind bars.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes - Jasmine

Lizzie Kommes Changes after Prison Sentence

Lizzie Kommes says she let her addiction take over her. She said, “I didn’t care if I died in prison [and] didn’t care if I lost my date.” The only thing on Lizzie’s mind was how can she get her next fix of heroin. Love After Lockup fans know that her ex-boyfriend Scott Davey gave her a lot of money while she was in prison. Which she most likely spent on her bad habit. 

The Love After Lockup alum made a lot of changes once she got out of prison. Lizzie Kommes had her mind set on being a great mom to her daughter. She was also able to ditch her drug habit. She said that “God came into my life 3 years ago and took away all my drug addictions.” She was given a new start in life.

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Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes

Love After Lockup Celeb Celebrates Three Years of Sobriety

Lizzie Kommes is no longer a prisoner to her addiction. She says that “today, I am clean and sober three years off drugs.” By ditching her addiction she has been able to better herself in a positive way. Lizzie no longer hates who she is. She is happy with who she has become today. She says “I am a survivor, positive, powerful and actually happy.”

Many Love After Lockup fans sent “congratulations” messages to Lizzie Kommes. One fan wrote, “it’s so much harder than people think it is to get clean and stay sober.” But, the fan added that “once you accomplish that, the whole world has new meaning.” Many fans said that Lizzie is “such an inspiration.”

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