What Happened To Lamondre On ‘Love After Lockup’?

Love After Lockup celeb Lamondre Fluker never made it out of prison in time to be with Andrea on the WEtv reality show. However, he still made quite an impression with LALU fans. Now, check out what Lamondre is up to these days.

Love After Lockup: Is Lamondre Fluker a Famous Criminal?

Love After Lockup’s Lamondre Fluker was a very popular criminal in Miami Florida. He says he was a drug kingpin and even compared himself as a modern-day Scarface. He says, he had the money, the power, and the respect to call himself that. However, fans of the show don’t see Lamondre as a kingpin.

Chatter going around was that if he’s so high up in the chain he wouldn’t be doing time for his crimes – his foot-soldiers would be. But, Lamondre was charged with so much that it totaled a whopping 74 years in prison. Of course, his lawyer was able to take 59 years off the sentence. But, he still isn’t due to get out until 2026.

Love After Lockup: Lamondre Fluker

Still Earns a Good Living in Prison

Lamondre Fluker of Love After Lockup isn’t letting prison life get him down. He still earns a pretty good living from inside prison walls. Lamondre runs an online store, Lamondre Jamal Elite Hair, where he sells hair extensions. Also, he runs an Instagram page for his business despite being incarcerated. Plus, he owns an apparel line, Lamondre Jamal Apparel. 

On top of that, he received a hefty payout of $37,000 for a clerical error made by the Sheriff’s Department. Nowadays, he’s also writing a book so he can tell the public his side of the story about his life and criminal background. He says there is a lot is speculation out there, so he wants Love After Lockup fans to know the real deal.

Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup: Lamondre & Andrea Going Strong

Lamondre Fluker and his lady Andrea from Love After Lockup seem to still be together these days. Of course, he’s still in the slammer but they make it work. Plus, he sends her money from the inside. Usually, it’s the other way around the person on the outside who takes care of the inmate.

However, Lamondre Fluker takes care of Andrea instead. He considers them to be right up there with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. So far, it looks like she’s waiting for him to get out of jail. But, they still must wait for quite a few more years. Keep up with Lamondre Fluker and Andrea of Love After Lockup 

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