‘Love After Lockup’: Kristianna Roth and Terra Face Off

Love After Lockup sisters Kristianna Roth and Terra meet near midnight to settle things between them. Terra’s actions with Kristianna’s husband, John Miller, are a bone of contention between the siblings. John didn’t help matters by lying to Kristianna when she first asked him if Terra flirted with him. The season finale delivered plenty of drama for fans of the reality show on WEtv.

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth Gets Suspicious of Terra

Love After Lockup star Kristianna Roth was very disturbed by her mother’s revelations about Terra in a recent episode. Mom revealed John Miller got frisky with his sister-in-law while his wife was away. Kristianna said she couldn’t stop thinking about it and got up to prowl around the house. She got suspicious after seeing Terra’s room in relation to her husband’s room.

Kristianna Roth asked her husband on the way home from prison whether Terra had been flirting with him. Love After Lockup celeb John Miller denied anything between them. But he told fans that he’s never been faithful and has cheated on every woman he’s been with. He also said he did not want Kristianna to find out about him and his sister-in-law.

Kristianna Roth, star of Love After Lockup, has certain conditions she must obey to maintain her release. One of those conditions is to stay away from anyone who has pending charges, such as Kristianna’s sister Terra. Before his wife got out of prison, John kicked Terra out of his house because of those conditions. For now, his sister-in-law is out of John’s house, but she promised to be back, and soon.

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth - Terra

Midnight Rendezvous Between Terra & Kristianna Roth

Risking her freedom, Kristianna called Terra and arranged to meet at a playground. Kristianna Roth snuck out of Love After Lockup husband John Miller’s house and met her sister in secret to settle their affairs. Kristianna confronted her sister about the accusations from their mother. She asked Terra about playing the mother role and the sounds through the vents.

Terra admitted to the flirting and told her sister she knows John better than his wife does. Tears welled up in Kristianna Roth’s eyes as Terra asked what did she expect? Terra was there, and her sister wasn’t. Love After Lockup star Terra said she knows John’s routines, how he likes his eggs, and what time he leaves for work.

Terra seemed indifferent as she told her sibling, ” I know John better than you do.” Kristianna asks Terra whether she slept with him or not. Terra said it almost happened but then told her sister she tried to kiss John Miller of Love After Lockup. Kristianna Roth slapped her sister, but in a previous episode, she told fans she slept with Terra’s “baby-daddy” so her sibling could be paying her back. For now, these sisters seem to be on the outs.

Love After Lockup: John Miller

Love After Lockup: John Miller Begs Forgiveness

Kristianna Roth confronted her Love After Lockup husband, John Miller, about Terra’s admission of the mutual flirting. She calls him out on his lie. John defends himself by saying he married her, and that’s where he wants to be. John admitted to Kristianna Roth that he flirted with Terra, but he never acted on anything, and he said he has no feeling for her.

Kristianna Roth of Love After Lockup can’t understand why John Miller lied to her about the flirting. John again said he never acted on anything with Terra. The reason for that? John said he’s in love with Kristianna. John got down on a knee and confessed he made a mistake. But, he said, from this moment on, he’s an open book. John asked his wife to stay together and work on things.

She said he’d got one chance to prove himself. John promised that is all he needs. Kristianna told fans of WEtv’s Love After Lockup that she’s never wanted to be clean as bad as she does right now. She’s at the end of her rope with her addiction and said her choices are life, death, or prison. For now, her choice is life. Furthermore, the season finale indicates John Miller and Kristianna Roth are working on their marriage and not speaking to Terra.

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