‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Has a Son – Did You Know?

Love After Lockup cast member Clint Brady talked about his son in a recent three-hour rant. The troubled WEtv star is in the middle of a lot of drama with wife Tracie Wagaman. And, it seems he even left his former goddess for another woman. What do we know about his son?

Love After Lockup Update: Clint Brady Has a Son

It turns out Clint Brady has a son. But, most Love After Lockup viewers likely wouldn’t know that from watching the show and its spinoff, Life After Lockup. Clint Brady mentioned him in a lengthy rant video online. And, many watchers want to know more.

Turns out his son’s name is Chandler Brady. While he’s not on the show, Clint Brady’s mother Alice Brady (the boy’s grandmother) has pictures of him that can be seen in the background on the show.

LALU: Tracie Wagaman Not His 1st (or Even 2nd) Marriage

Even though Tracie Wagaman is Clint’s most recent marriage, he married a few times prior to Tracie. And, his second wife died only seven months after they tied the knot. There’s some controversy surrounding the death of his second wife. He said publicly his second wife took her own life.

Love After Lockup: Chandler Brady

Based on the timeline, his son is probably from his first marriage. Love After Lockup watchers met Haily (Clint Brady’s first wife) on the first season of the show. She was his boss at his old hotel job. And, it seems they share son Chandler Brady as well. Clint said that his son was born around 2002. And, he and Haily were married from 2002-2004. So, the timeline fits.

Love After Lockup: Where is Clint’s Son Now?

Since Clint’s son is not on the show, it appears that the kid’s mother or guardian made a sound decision not to let the child appear on the show. However, his son will soon turn 18 and will be able to make that decision for himself.

Love After Lockup: Chandler Brady

It’s not clear how much time Love After Lockup‘s Clint spends with his son – nor how often he sees him. But, at least on the surface, it doesn’t look like they have a strained relationship as there are pictures of him around the home.

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Love After Lockup News: Clint Brady Has New Goddess

Currently, Clint Brady is in the middle of a lot of drama with Tracie Wagaman. Clint found a new woman during Tracie’s latest stint in rehab. And, it looks like the troubled Love After Lockup couple may finally be done for good.

In addition, Clint Brady says he struggles with “hardcore drugs”. He admitted to being on meth when he hacked Tracie Wagaman’s Cameo recently. He posted incendiary clips with some shocking accusations about Tracie. So, hopefully his son is in a safe place while all the drama plays out with his father and current wife.

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