‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Admits Meth Use – Says He’s Clean But Tracie’s Not

Love After Lockup star Clint Brady came clean about his past with using meth and accuses Tracie Wagaman of still using drugs. First, he rambled in a recent video saying he’s never been around drugs. Then, he contradicted himself and confessed that he’s used drugs. Not only that, but Clint says he did the hard stuff – methamphetamine. He says he has first-hand experience with illegal substances but says he’s clean now. See what Clint Brady said about himself and LAL spouse Tracie Wagaman.

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Love After Lockup: Clint Brady First Denies Doing Drugs

Before coming clean about his meth history, Clint Brady initially denied knowing anything about controlled substances. In a video he shared, he wandered and spoke erratically. And, he said he didn’t know much about drugs – only that they’re bad for you. Then, Clint Brady said he’d never been around drugs. Yet, he married Tracie Wagaman – an admitted drug addict.

It wasn’t clear if the Love After Lockup alum was being serious or not. But, fans found it hard to believe what he was saying. Especially when he’s been arrested with Tracie Wagaman for drug charges over the past year. Then, Clint Brady spun around and went the other way. Now he says, like his Love After Lockup wife Tracie, that he’s got a history of drug use. He recently addressed his history with meth, in particular.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - Clint Brady - Life After Lockup

Clint Brady Confesses Drug Use – Addresses Tracie Wagaman Enabling Worries

Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady posted a rambling message seemingly to clear his name. Instead, Clint got himself deeper when he confessed to other illegal acts. He said people are saying that he takes pills or does hardcore drugs. He also said he heard that he’s “enabling Tracie”. Then, Clint tried to set the record straight but sparked more questions than he answered.

The Love After Lockup husband admitted he used methamphetamine before. Clint Brady said that he used meth “many times in the past as I am human.” However, he claims he’s been clean of meth for “well over 3 months now”. Then, he went on to say he has “no desire or craving to do any meth” now. Next, Clint Brady said he smokes pot but says he does it “responsibly and LEGALLY”. Later, he said more about Tracie Wagaman.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup Celeb Claims He’s Meth-Free Now

Clint Brady claims he’s on the straight and narrow now. He also said that he plans on never using meth again and “will not even allow myself to be around that drug”. As for those accusing him of still using, he said he’s willing to provide “a urinalysis or a blood draw to prove otherwise”.

The Love After Lockup reality star made it known that he doesn’t want to be around anyone using that drug. Clint said that he has “never known anybody in life to be happy and successful while” being under the influence of hardcore drugs. And then, he called Tracie Wagaman a liar. See below.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady

Clint Says He’s Clean But Tracie Wagaman’s Not…

In addition to opening up about his own meth use and recent sobriety, Clint Brady said Tracie Wagaman is still on drugs. He said that Tracie is lying when and said she “clearly is” not sober. Then, Clint Brady said he’s living in his car “until I get on my feet”.

Then it gets crazier as he accused Tracie Wagaman of keeping their “food stamp card”. Clint added that he hopes he “don’t starve” because food costs a lot of money. So, stay tuned for more on the saga of the Goddess Tracie Wagaman and hubby Clint Brady to see what accusations he slings next.

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