‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Fuming Over Woman that Stole Clint Brady

Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman gets angry over Clint Brady‘s new lady friend. Clint allegedly found a new love while his wife Tracie was getting help in rehab.

According to Tracie, this new lady is only with Clint due to his fame from being on the show. Clint and Tracie have broken up and got back together numerous times. Will the couple be able to work things out one more time?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady Cheats on Wife While in Rehab?

Love After Lockup fans saw on the latest episode that Clint Brady spent the five grand to get Tracie Wagaman out of jail. According to reports, Tracie went to rehab to get help with her addiction to drugs. She was seemingly in and out of the rehabilitation facility. But, the Love After Lockup WEtv alum ultimately got the help she was looking for. Now Tracie Wagaman is out and dealing with a broken heart.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Tracie Wagaman

Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady was allegedly cheating on Tracie Wagaman while she sought out help for her drug addiction. Tracie claims Clint was cheating on her while she was in rehab. She wrote online that a lot took place the week before she got out of rehab. She said that a fan “stole his heart.”


Tracie Wagaman Reveals Husband’s Latest Lover

Tracie Wagaman took to social media to reveal who her husband has been spending his time with. She posted a picture of the women she claims stole Clint Brady from her. The Love After Lockup alum said online that she found it embarrassing  “that he went from her to me.” However, Tracie said that she’s “not saying she is a prize,” but she believes Clint could do better.

The Love After Lockup celeb thinks that this lady only likes Clint Brady since he is on TV. Tracie Wagaman found it sad that Clint Brady’s new love interest couldn’t find a man in her own town. So, she “had to stalk a vulnerable reality star who is married.” However, Tracie doesn’t think that her husband is innocent. She won’t let him “have his cake and eat it too.” Although, she does wish Clint well.

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LAL Celeb and Clint’s New Lover Friends?

Tracie Wagaman is trying to get her life back on track since leaving rehab. But, dealing with a cheating husband hasn’t made things easier for her. The Love After Lockup couple were going to find a place together once she got out of rehab. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening. Since Clint has run off with someone Tracie seemingly knows.

The Love After Lockup castmate seems to have a history with Clint Brady’s newest love interest. Tracie Wagaman said online that she was once friends with the woman. This would explain why she knows so much about her. However, the two are no longer friends since she “put moves on my husband.” Will She and Clint get back together like the many times they have in the past?

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