‘Love After Lockup’: Cheryl and Josh Hyatt – Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup cast members Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt had a lot of ups and downs on the WEtv show and the spinoff Life After Lockup. They seemed to have a lot of chemistry early. But, that quickly turned against them once arguments came up. Are the pair still together?

Love After Lockup: Cheryl Childers’ Fascination with Bank Robber Josh

Cheryl Childers spoke about her fascination with serial killers on Love After Lockup. And, it seemed like she found her perfect match with Josh Hyatt. The bank robber hit it off with Cheryl. And, she saw their relationship like a Bonnie and Clyde scenario. But, as intense as their connection was, their fights were equally as intense.

One of the things that drove a wedge between the Love After Lockup pair was Josh Hyatt’s mother, Tina Hyatt. She and Cheryl Childers never saw eye to eye. And, Josh was often in the middle of the arguing women. At one point on Life After Lockup, Cheryl said his mother hit her. But, WEtv cameras didn’t show it. And, that was a major source of drama in their storyline. Ultimately, many of their issues continued on the WEtv spinoff.

Love After Lockup: Josh Hyatt

LALU: What Cheryl’s Doing Since Filming Wrapped

The Love After Lockup lovers went through a very public split online. And, things hit the fan even before the most recent season of Life After Lockup aired. That was a major spoiler heading into the season. But, it gave watchers a chance to see what went into them eventually calling it quits.

Meanwhile, it didn’t take Love After Lockup celeb Cheryl Childers long to find and lose her Josh Hyatt rebound. And, that relationship ended in a very public way online, too. Josh’s replacement posted videos from inside her house – showing her messy living conditions. He also called her a bad mother and claimed she used drugs.

Following two messy relationships, it seems Cheryl Childers focuses on herself and her children. On top of that, she lists herself as single online. So, at least for the time being, it looks like she’s not seeking anyone out just yet. She said many times that bad boys do it for her. But, given her recent relationship history, it’s worth watching if she repeats the same dating pattern.

Love After Lockup: Cheryl Childers

Love After Lockup Update: Cheryl Childers & Josh Hyatt – Are They Still Together?

Like Cheryl Childers, Love After Lockup former felon Josh Hyatt also found a rebound once their relationship ended. His new gal pal posted suggestive pics of the pair in the shower together. The pics were quickly deleted. But, not before Soap Dirt grabbed the risqué images. Meanwhile, following that, it didn’t take Josh long to put the kibosh on that new romance.

Since then, Josh Hyatt maintains a job at a roofing company in Colorado. And, he often shares pics with his dogs. Meanwhile, he even published a fiction novel, Message In Blood.

It’s clear that the Love After Lockup duo are not together. And, they likely never will be again. They called it quits and got back together while filming for WEtv. But, based on how things look now, they’re likely done for good.

Even with everything that went wrong for the pair, Cheryl said recently that she doesn’t regret meeting and falling in love with Josh Hyatt. So, even though things ended for these two, it doesn’t look like there’s any bad blood between them now.

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