‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Josh Hyatt’s Mom Slaps Cheryl Childers

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Cheryl Childers coming to blows with Josh Hyatt‘s mom, Tina. The two women don’t get along. And, there has been intense tension boiling beneath the surface. Everything between the women comes to a head in the next episode.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Cheryl Childers and Josh’s Mom Tina Face Off

Following their on-camera split on Love After Lockup, Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt finally reunited. And, the pair try to work things out on this season of Life After Lockup. They reunited last week after some time apart. And, one person not happy about this is the former felon’s mother. She said last week she’d give them a month before they called it quits again.

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup spoilers show things come to blows between Josh Hyatt’s parent and his girl, Cheryl Childers. A conversation between the women about cleaning up escalates and all hell breaks loose. Tension between both women in Josh’s life has built up since their season of Love After Lockup. And, it looks like things reach a boiling point based on spoilers.

Cheryl Childers Wants Insane Asylum Wedding

Tina expresses her dislike for Cheryl Childers at every opportunity. Life After Lockup spoilers report Cheryl telling Tina that she wants to tie the knot in an insane asylum in Michigan. She didn’t like the castle Josh Hyatt wanted to marry in. And, she reveals the pair broke up over it. But, Cheryl’s plans to marry in an insane asylum don’t go over well with Tina.

Tina tells Cheryl Childers in teaser clips that she won’t attend the wedding. And, she calls her a “psycho” for her choice of wedding venue. Cheryl Childers tells WEtv cameras that she wants to “smack the dentures right out of that dumb bit**’s mouth”. But, it looks like Josh Hyatt’s mama beat her to the punch.

Life After Lockup spoilers video shows both women get into an argument over a mess Cheryl Childers’ toddler makes. And, things get heated because Cheryl doesn’t like Tina telling her kid what to do. WEtv cameras pan toward the house from outside and you hear Josh’s mom call Cheryl a “bi***” – along with the sound of a scuffle.

Not long after that, Cheryl comes barreling out of the house saying Tina hit her. But, based on the promo, you can’t see exactly what goes down. So, it could be clever editing by Sharp Entertainment.

Josh Hyatt’s Mother Snaps on Life After Lockup?

Cheryl Childers and Tina never see eye to eye. Josh Hyatt is always in the middle when it comes to the women in his life. But, he told WEtv cameras that he would no longer intervene. But, it looks like this altercation between them may be the final straw.

LALU viewers keeping up in real-time know Cheryl Childers and former felon Josh Hyatt are no longer an item. They’ve broken up and reconciled in the past. But, Tina has always been a sticking point in their relationship. Tina gave the pair a month following this attempt to get back together. And, it looks like she was right in the end.

Either way, Life After Lockup spoilers promise a lot of drama in the next episode. And, whether or not this fight contributes to the pair ultimately calling it quits will be something to tune in for as well.

Life After Lockup, season 2, is on WEtv, Friday nights.

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