‘Love after Lockup’: Bitter Tracie Wagaman Spills All

Love After Lockup celeb Tracie Wagaman goes off on ex Clint Brady and his new girlfriend Genevieve. Plus, Tracie reveals a shocking truth about the WEtv reality show.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Goes Off on Clint and Genevieve

Love After Lockup fans may know Tracie Wagaman’s ex-husband Clint Brady is in a new relationship these days. Currently, Clint looks happy as can be with his girl Genevieve. However, Tracie is not thrilled about the pair. Not long ago, she claimed Genevieve was her friend.

Then, she says she stole Clint from her. More recently, Tracie called Genevieve aka Gen out, and told her to stop talking smack. Apparently, Tracie often says she will talk to Gen and let Gen have her say in the matter. But, she doesn’t follow through. Also, Gen says Tracie still threatens to go after Clint of Love After Lockup. 

But, she just said Clint doesn’t have anything for her to go after. Additionally, it seems Gen commented on Tracie’s old drug habit. Then, she told Gen not to worry about what she’s doing. Clearly, Tracie Wagaman of Love After Lockup is still bitter about Clint and Genevieve’s newfound romance.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Tracie Confirms Suspicions

Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman just shed a little light on the reality show. Recently, a fan asked if the WEtv show is real. She responded by saying no, the show is scripted. So, as some fans suspect, not everything we see is 100% true. Of course, there’s some truth.

However, a lot of things are exaggerated for dramatic effect. No doubt, Clint and Tracie had problems. And, her drug addiction was very real. But, she just said that there is a script that cast members must follow on Love After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Livin it Up in Vegas

Nowadays, it looks like Tracie Wagaman from Love After Lockup moved to Las Vegas permanently. And, she seems to be loving life out there. Currently, it appears she is dating around because she says she gets lots of cute guys in Vegas and “it’s amazing.” In fact, she just recently went on a date with someone. Although, she did joke that he stood her up.

At the moment, it doesn’t seem like she is looking for anything serious. No doubt, she probably needs to take a little time after her divorce from Clint. Surely, the sting of Clint moving on is still fresh. So, it seems she is having fun and meeting new people while figuring out the rest of her life. Be sure to follow along with Tracie Wagaman and see what she’s up to next on Life After Lockup.  

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