‘Little People, Big World’: Tori, Zach Roloff Family Road Trip – California Fun

Little People, Big World stars, Tori and Zach Roloff, head out for a fun California vacation this week. They took Murphy along for his first road trip, In Touch Weekly noted. Naturally, baby Jackson went along as well. Tori and Zach both posted about it on their Instagram Stories. They were on their way to stay in the little holiday house with their two youngest family members.

‘Little People, Big World’s’ Tori Roloff posted the cutest pictures

Tori’s Stories showed the cutest pictures of a worn out little Murphy puppy as they drove along the road. In Touch Weekly noted that she titled one image of Murphy looking all worn out, with “Road Trip Status Professional.” It showed their new puppy, Murphy Roloff, konked out on the back seat, looking as cute as cuddles.

Cafe Mom noted that later in her Stories when both Jackson and Murphy fell asleep, she and Zach declared their Instagram status as “Champions” of road trips. Other pictures showed little Murphy getting into the “Potty break.” Later on, there were pictures showing Jackson Roloff in their cute but little house in Hornbrook, California.

‘LP,BW’: Zach Roloff also posted stories of the trip

Zach posted his Instagram story of Murphy that showed the newest puppy member of LP,BW meeting other dogs. However, he noted there were no problems as the dogs didn’t mind him. In the story, he could be heard saying, “They don’t care about you…aww.” Then Murphy, fresh after a nap bounced away happily.

It certainly looks the young couple and baby Jackson is going to have fun on their California vacation with puppy Murphy tagging along. Like so many of their fans, they are probably making the most of the rest of summer. Obviously, fans hope for many more Instagram Stories of this vacation. Mind you, Tori is always good about keeping in touch with fans. She posted a lovely photo of Audrey Roloff on the occasion of her birthday on July 19 and fans loved it. These types of posts are nice to see as Audrey and Jeremy are leaving the series.

Fans hope for more children on ‘Little People, Big World’

For some time now, fans of Tori and Zach have been pestering them to have another baby. But Tori said she wanted a puppy before a new baby. Does that mean she is planning to go ahead now? Certainly, there’s plenty of speculation that getting Murphy was a sign she would. Fans also repeatedly asked her straight out if she was expecting. That prompted some people on Instagram to ask them what was wrong with them? Nobody should have to answer those type of questions in a public forum.

Baby Jackson would enjoy having company. Certainly, it looks that way judging by all the smiles and fun times he’s having with the new puppy. However, Tori is a mindful Christian and she will probably plan a new baby in the LP,BW family of four (three and a dog), carefully. Tori does not come across as a compulsive or careless person. Neither does Zach. She is the type of person who won’t keep fans in suspense when the time comes. For now, she and Zach look like they are just planning to enjoy the moment.

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