‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Reveals Heart-Stopping Car Accident With Baby J

LPBW fans reacted in shock to the news that Tori Roloff had a car accident a few weeks ago. On her Instagram, she revealed the heart-stopping incident. Even worse, in the back sat Baby J. This is the first time that Tori mentioned it, and according to her post, it turned out very stressful for the young mom.

‘LPBW’ fans relieved nobody hurt in the car accident

Tori reassured LPBW followers about injuries. In her post, she said the moment ended up the “scariest” she’d had in her life. In fact, when she looked at Baby J in the back she just started bawling. She felt immediately guilty and afraid for putting Baby J in danger. Turns out though, that Jackson’s fine. Actually, she said he sat there sucking his toes, acting “completely oblivious to what just happened.” Nevertheless, she had a heart-stopping moment.

Tori added how thankful she felt that the new car seat helped to safeguard him.  Incidentally, they only started using it three days before the accident. Now, her old Ford’s gone and they replaced it with a “mom mobile” from Honda. She added that this huge “tank” is much safer for her little boy. LPBW fans also recall the heart-stopping moment for Matt Roloff when Jeremy crashed his ATV years ago.

Tori Roloff thinks God watched over Baby J

Baby J had God watching over him that day, Tori believes. She wrote, “It was honestly God watching out for our little man.” She also said that it takes something horrific like a car accident to put everything back in perspective. Fans of Little People, Big World know exactly how Tori feels, as some of them had accidents with their babies inside as well.

Here’s what some of the TLC show’s fans said to Tori when they heard about the car accident and Baby J.

  • @gordyshellyater: “Very relieved that nobody was hurt. It’s still very scary.
  • @nluvsroses54: “Glad you are all okay. Precious cargo indeed. Wonder how them toes tasted? Lol”
  • @myhearts4: “Happy you all are okay.”

Of course, many other people also told their stories of car accidents and agreed on the importance of car seats and seat belts.

Car accidents and kids – heart-stopping combination

Kids involved in car accidents make for heart-stopping moments. Above all, fans of LPBW enjoyed the fact that Tori Roloff shared her experience. Safe driving and good car seats save lives after all. As Tori said in conclusion, “Drive safe people.”  Other details didn’t emerge, so we still don’t know how the accident happened.

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