Tori Roloff all worn out with her puppy Murphy and the baby

Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories tonight (July 12) to talk about her new puppy and her little boy. In Touch Weekly reported that Zach and Tori Roloff, of Little People, Big World recently acquired a new puppy. She took to her Instagram at the time and posted a picture of a little doggie gender reveal box.  However, it seems that with two active little ones on her hands, Tori is all worn out.

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Tori Roloff thinks puppies and babies are equally exhausting

Tori obviously had a super-fun day with the new puppy. That’s because she captioned an image of her story as “we played hard today. I love this little guy already.” But then she posted a pic of Jackson and little Murphy (the new pup), both lying down. Murphy looked out for the count. However, Jackson not so much. Tori captioned it with, “Day one was successful, but man is this mama wiped.” Obviously, Tori was really tired, and hopefully, she got a good sleep.

Some of her fans used the “Ask me a question feature.” Eagerly, one question came in, asking which was “harder, babies or puppies?” To this, Tori replied, “Today it was a tie.” Other questions included asking where puppy Murphy came from? She explained that the name is one they just love. Incidentally, the pup is already affectionately known as Murph. Additionally, she said they got the puppy from a “breeder in Eastern Oregon.”

The new puppy seems a delightful little dog to replace Sully

The new puppy is the most recent member of the family after the death of their special dog Sully. Sadly, Sully got cancer and passed away around 16 months ago. Obviously, it takes time to get over the loss of a furry friend. People noted that Zach Roloff and Tori chose a new puppy for their expanding family. They noted that “Murphy…appears to be a Bernese Mountain dog.” That’s the same breed as Sully.

In Touch Weekly reported that Audrey was also totally “captivated” by the cute little furry friend. On her Instagram, she wrote, “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter.” This was after all the kids enjoyed meeting the little dog. She added, “Can’t handle the cuteness. Ugh.” Hopefully, we will see something of Audrey going forward. Sadly, she posted that they are going to leave Little People, Big World. 

Tori and Zach’s new dog Murphy will be a pal to Jackson

The thing about a dog is that they bring joy and happiness, consequently uniting families. It will be lovely for fans of Little People, Big World to see Jackson growing with Murphy the puppy. For the foreseeable future, no doubt, Tori will have more long and tiring days with the youngsters. But she’s not likely to be unhappy with the situation. Especially as she once said she wanted more children.

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