‘Little People, Big World’ Spoilers: Matt Roloff Wants Amy Roloff Off The Farm – Is This The End Of Roloff Farms?

Little People, Big World spoilers indicate that Matt Roloff wants Amy Roloff off the family farm. Matt and Amy have both moved on from their relationship. They have also both found new partners. However, Matt and Amy still remain on the farm. Having both of them living on the same property is not ideal. It seems like Matt and Amy Roloff are taking steps to figure out the future of the farm. Will Roloff Farms still remain in the family?

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff Creates Own Path

Matt Roloff and girlfriend Caryn Chandler have started to create their own path together on Little People, Big World. Matt doesn’t want the farm holding him back. The couple is excited to start moving forward in their relationship. It hasn’t been easy for Matt to live on the farm. Especially having his ex-wife living not too far from him. Matt Roloff may want Amy off the farm so he can make it a place of his own to live.

Little People, Big World spoilers show Matt and Caryn looking at places to live off the farm. The farm has been his home for so long it is going to be hard for him to live elsewhere. However, Caryn says that their new place “is not going to look like the farm.” For her the idea of having a husband “is kind of interesting again.”

Amy Roloff Gets Emotional Over Farm

Amy Roloff has been living in the main house on the farm. However, her time there might be coming to an end. No one wants to live close to their ex. However, she has done whatever she can to remain on the farm. On the other hand, Zach Roloff says that “her future may not be on the farm.”

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Amy Roloff has been given the option of accepting a buy out. She expresses that if she takes the buy out she will most likely “never step foot on this piece of property ever again.” Chris Marek, Amy’s boyfriend asks her if she made a decision. She doesn’t respond and starts to shed tears. Matt and Amy started and raised their family on the farm. It will be hard for either of them to just let it go.

Future Of Farm Unknown

Matt Roloff acknowledges that the farm is only going to cause drama. He could just walk away from it all. However, his friends remind him why he started the farm in the first place. For his children. They question the Little People, Big World star why he would want to give it all up. However, Amy Roloff starts to think about the fact that she may never be back on the farm again.

Little People, Big World spoilers report the two couples coming together speaking about the unknown future of the farm. Matt Roloff says that they are in the most crucial transitional period in Roloff history. Surly many changes are about to happen for the Roloff family. Whatever the future holds for the farm, Amy says she will be prepared for anything.

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