‘Little People, Big World’: Baby J Roloff Badly Wants To Play Soccer With Dad – Cute Video

Little people, Big World fans love Baby J Roloff as he grows cuter by the day. Mom Tori posted up a video of him wanting so badly to play soccer with his dad. The cute video on Instagram Stories shows him trying to get through the netting. In another cute video, Zach Roloff showed how resilient the little fellow is, and clarified that Jackson’s okay after two ear infections and a minor injury at Disneyland.

‘Little People, Big World’ video taken by Tori Roloff at soccer practice

Zach went off to soccer practice but Baby J couldn’t play with the big boys. Tori sat on the sidelines with the little fellow and captured a series of short videos showing him badly wanting to play with his Dad. All around the indoor facility, big nets protect the spectators. Unfortunately for Jackson, despite his best efforts, he had to stay in the safe zone.

In the video, Tori speaks to Jackson, asking him where dad is. His big eyes look so sad. Then Tori cuts to the soccer area before going back to Baby J. That is a cute shot for Little People, Big World viewers, as Jackson leans his back against the walk and crouches down with his hands on his knees. Next, he stands up and sees where his Dad is. Then he’s up and off to the netting. Tori says in the caption of the Insta Story that he just so badly wants to go to his dad.

Zach posts cute Baby J Roloff video as well

Jackson looks well in the video Tori posted up, but a few days back, another video showed just how resilient this little boy is. When the couple went to Disneyland, Jackson ended up seeing a doctor because of a painful elbow. In that video, Zach noted that Tori is a good mom and Jackson will be fine. Apparently, Jackson also suffered from ear infections. Zach explained how just before they flew to California, they discovered the double ear infection. Nevertheless, he assured Little People, Big World followers that Baby J’s okay now.

In the video he shared, Jackson gets asked how may ear infections he had. The little fellow first says three, then gets corrected. Tori holds up two fingers. When Zach asks him if he’s crying, he shakes his head. Obviously, with two ear infections, and a sore arm, for a little while, Baby J probably felt a bit miserable.  However, out at the soccer a day or so later, it seems that’s all behind him now.

‘LPBW’s’Tori Roloff tries hard with her mothering skills

Just a few days back, Little people, Big World‘s Tori Roloff posted up another Instagram message saying she’s praying that 2019 will help her be a better wife and mother. Like all young mom’s, Tori stresses when her little one becomes ill or injured. Nevertheless, LPBW fans do root for her and very little mom-shaming comes her way on social media. Her photos and videos of Baby J show a generally happy little fellow, well-loved and cared for.

What do you think of Tori’s video of Baby J Roloff badly wanting to get on the soccer field with his dad? Did you think it was cute?

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