‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Wisely Keeps Jackson Away From Sick Relatives

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff wisely keeps Jackson away from the sick relatives over at Jeremy Roloff’s house. Jeremy said on his Instagram story a few days back that they did another segment of their podcast. Nevertheless, flu made him sound sick as a dog. Now, fans of the show heard from Amy Roloff that “everyone’s sick” over at his place.

‘Little People, Big World’ toddler Jackson Roloff suffered ear infections

When Zach and Tori Roloff took Jackson to Disneyland this month, Zach noted on his Instagram that Jackson suffered from ear infections. It makes sense then, that Tori keeps him well away from his sick relatives right now. The poor little guy really could do without flu on top of his recent distress. Although he bravely didn’t cry, he looked a bit unhappy on the plane in the photo Zach posted up.

Some followers of Little People, Big World slammed the couple for taking Jackson to Disneyland at such a young age. Meanwhile, other’s felt they should’ve canceled the trip. Nevertheless, it seems Tori’s taking no chances with Jackson getting the flu from his relatives.

Amy Roloff says Jeremy’s family’s sick

In a post last night, Amy showed a photo of Jackson holding her hand as they took a walk around the farm. Dressed in his little mickey mouse jacket and tiny jeans, Jackson certainly looked healthy. Amy said that she and Zach and Tori took Jackson along for a walk and explored the farm a bit. Then Amy added the bit about the sickness in Jackson’s relatives’ home. She said that she really misses Ember, but that all the people over there are sick.

Hopefully, little Ember’s not as sick as her dad Jeremy looked on his podcast story. Fans worry about Ember as well as Jackson. Actually, both of them bring a lot of joy to Little People, Big World followers.  Amy and Matt Roloff dote on both their grandchildren, so illness in the home must worry them a bit. In fact, Amy wondered if some chicken soup would do them the world of good. Fans of the TLC show agreed that it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Tori Roloff says she’s facing some challenges

Tori posted up last week about how she’s facing a challenging time. At the time, her message came across as a bit vague. Nevertheless, fans speculated that may be due to the fact that Jackson hurt his elbow at Disneyland. Zach and Matt Roloff both faced surgery through their dwarfism. Possibly, Tori struggles with potential future surgery for Jackson. In the meantime, it seems that she’s wisely keeping him away from his sick relatives.

What do you think about Jeremy’s family being so sick? Do you think that means little Ember’s also ill? Hopefully, Tori Roloff keeps Jackson well clear of that side of the family until everyone’s better again.

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