‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff’s New Book ‘A Little Me’ Releases This Spring

Little People, Big World fans got a big New Year shoutout, a thank you and the news that Amy Roloff‘s new book will release in Spring. In fact,  A Little Me, Amy’s second book kept her occupied last year. Back in March, Amy posted that she started writing the second to last chapter of her autobiography. Incidentally, she wrote her first book back in 2012, titled Short and Simple Family Recipes.

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff started ‘A Little Me’ after the divorce

According to Good Housekeeping, Amy started writing A little Me after her divorce from Matt Roloff.  Fans of Amy said on Instagram that they really wanted to read her new book. After all, recipes books simply don’t come with the same juice as a potential tell-all. In March, many people expressed their joy at the forthcoming book.

Heres what some of the Little People, Big World followers had to say about A Little Me:

  • @bearby59: “Amy I can’t wait to read your book! I can only imagine it will be every bit as amazing as you are! So excited!”
  • @michelle.kidd: “Can’t wait to buy and read your book.”
  • butterfly_4ever: “Can’t wait to read your book, Amy. I have watched your show from the beginning and you have come so far…Even with all your hardships, you have come out on top. Thank you for sharing your life with us all. You are an inspiration to women.”

Spring release buried in a long post by ‘Little People, Big World‘s Amy Roloff

So far, not much about the book and the arrival date made it into the news. Even Amy Roloff squeezed the spring release into a long post about the New Year, sandwiched among other things fans of TLC’s LPBW can buy.  Amy’s Instagram post, also duplicated on her official Facebook page, focussed on taking action. One of her first actions of the year came with thanking all the fans who watch the show, donate to her charity and buy things from her Little Kitchen.

Tucked in there, along with thanks for interacting on her social media, Amy Roloff mentioned A Little Me. When she thanked people in advance for buying it, she said, it’s “coming out in the spring.” Actually, considering the huge number of people excited about her book in her March post, very few Little People, Big World viewers picked up on the spring release she mentioned. However, fans don’t always read long text, and lots of them focused on her clothes and complimented her on the photo.

New season of ‘LPBW’ may coincide with book release

Releasing the book A Little Me in spring seems like an excellent marketing idea, given that family members hinted at a spring date for the new TLC season. Recently, Matt Roloff told Soap Dirt that spring is a good guess for the upcoming Little People, Big World arc. Meanwhile, more recently, Tori Roloff also said spring’s the time to look out for it. In fact, Amy also hinted at spring.

Over on the Indigo River Publishing site, the book’s listed as a paperback under the Autobiography category. Actually, it says “coming soon,” but no other details are given.

How do you feel about Amy Roloff’s spring release for her new book A Little Me? Will you buy one? Will it be full of juicy scandal about the divorce?

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