‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Spends Thanksgiving With Chris Marek – Missed Her Kids

LPBW fans heard from Amy Roloff on Instagram this Thanksgiving. She spent the holiday with Chris Marek and his family. However, she noted that she really missed the kids.  Nevertheless, she looked to enjoy her time as both of them seemed happy in one photo.

‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff thankful for boyfriend Chris Marek

Amy Roloff told LPBW followers that she feels very blessed with Chris Marek in her life. Two photos about Thanksgiving mentioned the many things worthy of giving thanks. She posted up a photo of the couple smiling and captioned it, “Chris and I took a road trip to be with his family in ID for Thanksgiving. What a great time. Again I’m truly thankful for so much in my life in all its ups and downs. I’m thankful for Chris in my life, my kids and grandkids and their extended family and I’m thankful for the joy in my heart and all the Lord gives and shows me. I’m thankful and blessed.”

In another photo, Amy revealed to followers of the TLC show, that baking and cooking for the Christmas and Thanksgiving season takes up much of her time. In that photo, she mentioned the kids celebrated their own Thanksgiving and she missed them. Mind you, she admitted she enjoyed being with Chris’ family but the kids spent time “with their spouse/fiancé family.”

Thanksgiving wishes sent to Amy’s followers

Amy Roloff sent an encouraging message to LPBW fans. She noted that bad things happen, so holidays like Thanksgiving may turn out difficult for some people. However, she encouraged those finding it not-so-easy a time. The Little People, Big World momma wrote, “Hang in there! And look around you, you are worth being thankful for by you.”

Amy and Matt moved on after their divorce and in past seasons we saw the tension in the home at Thanksgiving. Since then, Matt Roloff found happiness with Caryn Chandler. Certainly, Amy seems happy with Chris Marek. However, fans wish he would make some commitment to propose to her. At least one TLC teaser for LPBW showed him as quite non-committal. However, perhaps for now, just spending time with him’s enough. Divorce hurts everyone and healing takes time.

The Roloff kids expand the family but live their own lives

The Roloff family started with one couple and their children. Nevertheless, as the kids fell in love, while they expanded the family, they have their own lives. Amy missed her kids this Thanksgiving. Zach, Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly moved on with their lives. However, Amy still has a close family and she loves nothing more than to spend time with the grandchildren. Perhaps they’ll gather to celebrate Christmas as a family this year.

What do you think about Amy Roloff spending her time with Chris Marek’s family this Thanksgiving? Do you think it’s a sign their relationship may reach a new level soon?

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