‘Little People, Big World’ Tori Roloff Updates Jackson’s Milestones At 18-Months-Old

Little people, Big World‘s Baby Jackson Roloff is 18-month-old and Tori Roloff took to her Instagram to update on some of the milestones. Zach and Tori, parents of the cute little Baby J held a big party and invited the family to the event. Tori posted up some photos, as did patriarch of the TLC show, Matt Roloff.

LPBW fans will recall that just six months ago, Tori Roloff held Jackson’s first birthday party.

‘Little People, Big World’s’ Jackson’s at the beach

After the Roloff Farms’ Pumpkin Season ended, the family took baby Jackson Roloff to the beach in Maui. Photos of Jackson enjoying the sea and sand showed that the little boy’s enjoying time with his mom and dad. Tori posted another picture showing their son sitting on the beach, looking totally engrossed. In her long caption, she told Little People, Big World fans about his progress.

Jackson started walking in August, and now, according to her post, he’s not only walking but dancing as well. “He’s got moves like Jagger and is always down for a good party,” she wrote. Fans of the family saw that earlier this month when she shared a video of him grooving. Now, another bit of news emerged as Tori says the Little People, Big World toddler’s a bit of a comedian. Apparently, he is “so silly and can make an entire room break out into laughter.” She added that Baby J is so much “fun” to be around.

Jackson’s milestones explained for ‘LPBW’ fans

Tori Roloff added a few other insights into Jackson’s milestones for LPBW followers. We know he’s walking, but he seems to talk a lot now, which makes things extra-special. He’s popped a lot of teeth and Tori says she can’t recall how many, but he uses them a lot as he has an appetite.

Zach Roloff and their son are best buds and Jackson Roloff always wants to be with his “Dada.”

Murphy the puppy hangs with Jackson a lot and he simply adores the dog. As we saw over the last six months or so, Matt Roloff often posts pictures of Jackson riding or sitting with him on the mule.  His mom noted that their toddler is “obsessed” with riding the mule. When it comes to his grandparents, he’s super-excited about all of them. It looks like the Patton and Roloff grandparents rate highly on his list of special people.

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How are you one and half, bud?! These past 18 months have made my life feel so absolutely whole. Jackson is walking talking and is seriously the most fun kid to be around. He is so silly and can make an entire room break out into laughter. He’s got moves like jagger and is always down for a good party. Baby j loves his pup Murphy and always wants to be with dada. I have lost count of how many teeth he has and he uses them any chance he gets to chow down on some grub. He’s obsessed with mule rides at the farm and gets so excited when he sees grandma/grandpa patton/Roloff. The past year and a half has been the best time of my 27 years of life and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store. Happy half birthday little man. Mama and dada and Murphy love you so much. #babyjroloff #zandtpartyofthree

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Tori Roloff talks about being the mom of Jackson

Fans of the Little People, Big World show know that Jackson was born with dwarfism. However, the little guy does well to get around and brings good cheer to fans of the TLC show. Tori said that with Jackson in her life he makes her “life feel so absolutely whole.” In fact, for Tori, it’s been the “best time of my 27 years of life.”

Thanks to Tori Roloff for sharing the latest milestones by her son Jackson.

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