‘LPBW’ Fans Urge Amy Roloff To Visit Her Dad – Celebrates Turning 90-Years-Old

LPBW fans saw a post on Instagram by Amy Roloff of her father, Gordon Knight. Incredibly, he celebrated turning 90-years-old this New Year’s Day. Fans urged Amy to visit her dad at this special time. In her post, Amy said they celebrated his birthday back in the summer with the kids. However, some people felt she should get there anyway. After all, life is precious especially when people reach that sort of age.

‘LPBW’ fans wish Amy’s dad all the best

Despite some LPBW followers expressing their feelings about Amy not being with her dad, many others wished the elderly gentleman the best. In fact, many of them couldn’t believe his age as he looks much younger and in good health. In the photo she shared on her Instagram, it shows her dad layered up under a leather coat and wearing a hat. Actually, he looks ready to hit a rodeo! Incidentally, followers noted how parents still being alive brings so much blessing.

Here’s what some fans of LPBW had to say about Amy’s father’s birthday:

  • @lucymoreno1125: “Happy happiest of birthday Sr, wishing him health and peace.”
  • @imeejames30: “Happy 90th Birthday to your dad!!!”
  • @helenahuy: “Wow he looks much younger! Happy b-day to your dad!”
  • @nblessedwatts: “He looks awesome.”
  • @odellchic: “Dad looks good, Amy!!!!!”
  • @toria_122: “WowThat is awesome! He looks terrific.”
Amy Roloff’s daddy, Gordon Knight, has looked great for years. We seldom see him on the Little People, Big World show, but below is an old LPBW TLC video that shows him with the family all playing at ziplining.

Little People, Big World fans want Amy Roloff on a plane to visit her dad

While many people wished Gordon Knight well, others just thought it really odd that Amy Roloff can’t jump on a plane. One fan of Little People, Big World told her she should “enjoy every minute” of her dad. This fan lost their own dad just a week before he turned 90-years-old. “Get with him as much as you can, Amy,” said another. Meanwhile, other LPBW followers were more direct, asking her why she needed to stay away from him.

@seashopper instructed Amy to “Get on a plane a fly to Michigan to visit him. He has less days ahead of him than he has already lived. My Mom is about to be 93 and my sisters do not visit her enough. You will likely regret not visiting more often once you can’t visit him anymore. Just saying.” Meanwhile, @kimmy3225 also mentioned the LPBW star should get on a plane. “Happy birthday to your dad?get on a plane ✈️ an go visit him.”

Nobody knows why Amy failed to make it to her Dad’s place for his 90th birthday, and in her caption, she merely mentioned, “Wish I could have been there today.”

90-years-old – AmyRoloff’s dad, Gordon Knight, seems like a fine gentleman

Judging by the photo Amy posted up, at 90-years-old, her dad looks to be a fine gentleman. No doubt, behind the TLC scenes, the Roloff family does get to see him. As a matter of fact, viewers of the LPBW show really can’t know how often Gordon Knight spends time with his great-grandchildren and the rest of his family.

What do you think of fans urging Amy Roloff to visit when her dad turned 90-years-old? Do you think she should get on a plane and go to him?

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