‘Little People, Big World’ Baby Jackson Roloff Celebrates Grandma’s Birthday

Little People, Big World fans were treated to a new photo of Baby Jackson Roloff by his mom Tori Roloff. He celebrated his grandma’s birthday. His grandmother is Tori Roloff’s mom Mrs Patton. In the photo, you can see his little hands literally itching to scoop up some of the birthday cake. Tori wrote how nice it was to spend the time with her mom to celebrate her mom Mrs. Patton’s special day.

‘Little People, Big World’ – Baby Jackson Roloff and a big birthday cake

For baby Jackson Roloff, the birthday cake for Tori’s mom must be simply enormous! He’s sitting on his grandma’s lap while she blows out the candles. With the family around to celebrate, plus Jackson, hopefully, she had a wonderful day. Certainly, on Instagram, she got many well-wishers sending their love and congratulations. Little People, Big World followers embraced Tori into the TV series as she is a kind, thoughtful, and pleasant person. Furthermore, fans love that she shares her journey with their little boy, Jackson Roloff.

Tori captioned her post with a loving message that would make any mom feel happy on their birthday. “Happy birthday to this mama/grandma. I love you so much mama. You have taught me to have a big heart and care for others. I’m so thankful for all you do for me and my family. I’m so glad I got to spend the day with you today. We all love you so much!! ? happy birthday!” As far as fans go, they agree that Tori’s mom certainly taught her about caring and a big-hearted attitude. It’s also a treat for fans to see Tori’s mom as she doesn’t often feature on the reality TV show.

‘LP, BW’ fans note Baby Jackson Roloff looks a lot like Ember

The LP, BW viewers also noted how similar Jackson looks to his cousin Ember. In the photo, it takes a second or two to figure it is Jackson. But then it becomes obvious, as those little hands are so like his Dad’s and Matt’s. One little hand is holding Gran’s necklace while he sits there dressed in the cutest denim outfit. Follower @starryarie81posted, “I had to look twice I wasn’t sure if it was Jackson or Ember at first. Then realized it was Jackson instantly but they do look some[what] alike surprisingly.” In fact, that comment is correct as you can definitely see the two babies are related in the Instagram photo.

Meanwhile, most of the greetings were simply pleasant best wishes. They came from all around the world. Little People, Big World is an American TV show, but the Roloff Family has a huge global following. Jackson is a fan-favorite, so any event involving him is deeply treasured. Here are some of the nicest birthday wishes to Baby J’s gran on her birthday:

  • grambetty8 “Happy birthday Tori’s Mom! You must have been such a good mom because look what a wonderful person you raised!”
  • dominicoleb “Happy Birthday to your mom, from Denmark ???.”
  • donna.saucier.1276 “Happy birthday from another proud grandma.”
  • Then, very nicely, another notable comment was, “Your Mom has such a sweet, quiet demeanor. Happy Birthday to her,” from tnvolinfl.

Lucky visitors to Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season may spot Jackson

Thousands of Little People, Big World watchers plan to get themselves down to Roloff farms for yet another Pumpkin Season. The annual event takes place this year starting October 5 and runs through to October 28. Those planning on going will obviously hope for a glimpse of Jackson. Some of them may be lucky, like the Australian visitors last month, who went on one of the Roloff’s private tours.

What do you think of Jackson looking so cute and eyeing that giant birthday cake? Do you think Tori’s message to her mom was the nicest ever?

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