‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Goes on a Double Date – Takes Break from Pumpkin Season

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff broke away from pumpkin season to go on a double date. Matt took some time off the farm and spent it with his old friend, his friend’s wife and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler. The two couples spent the night painting. An activity that doesn’t involve any pumpkins. Though, Matt was hesitant to share their final products. In the end, he decided to reveal how their paintings turned out. Maybe one day Amy Roloff and fiance Chris Marek will go painting with Caryn and Matt.

Little People, Big World – Matt Roloff Breaks Away From Farm

Matt Roloff has found himself in the middle of pumpkin madness. However, the Roloffs made sure to make time to take their annual Roloff Farms family picture. Matt took to Instagram to share the picture. He wrote that “it was a special moment on a big day for Roloff Farm.” He added that this year they “beat all the past attendance numbers.” No wonder he needed to escape the chaos. Even though it was just for one night.

The Little People, Big World reality star shared on social media that he took some time away from the pumpkin mania. The opening of their pumpkin patch was at the beginning of the month. Though, it seems like Matt already needs a break from it. He explained that “we took a break from the crazy, hectic pumpkin season to do a Monday night painting class.”

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Meets Up With Grade School Friend

Matt Roloff gave details about his Monday night outing. Matt and  Caryn Chandler met up with his seventh-grade friend Bob and his wife Jody. But, he calls him “Cowboy Bob.”  Matt joked about his friend trading “in his cowboy hat (for just one night) for a paint apron.” Although, it seems like cowboy Bob doesn’t mind painting. 

The Little People, Big World farmer’s friend and girlfriend planned the whole outing. Bob and Caryn made sure that Matt would feel comfortable while painting. So, they arranged for Matt “to have a tall stool.” That way he would be up high enough. In addition, they wanted to make sure he was even with the canvas, making it easier for him to paint. 

TLC Star Teases Final Product

The picture posted by Matt Roloff online, shows the two couples enjoying their time together. By the smiles on their faces, it was definitely a successful night. He wrote, “what a fun night” in the caption. Certainly, it must have been nice for Matt to do something calming, that doesn’t involve pumpkins. Although, he does have to return to the farm.

The Little People, Big World farmer teased that he wasn’t going to show fans how their paintings turned out. He wrote, “No. I am not showing the results.” Although, Matt chose to show them off anyways. In another post, he shared how their paintings turned out. The paintings turned out really nice. They are one talented group. 

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