‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Crashes Caryn’s Girls Trip – Makes Embarrassing Admission To LPBW Fans

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is living his best life with girlfriend Caryn Chandler. There is no denying Matt Roloff is one fantastic boyfriend. The LPBW couple has been dating over three years and somehow they keep the spark in their relationship.

Recently Matt Roloff decided to surprise Caryn Chandler. So, you can say he kind of crashed her girls trip with her daughter. But who can fault the smitten man? Additionally, while preparing for this surprise rendezvous, Matt Roloff makes a stunning and rather embarrassing admission to LPBW followers.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Crashes Caryn Chandler’s Cabo Trip

LBPW’s Caryn Chandler has a full life aside from the one we see on the show as Matt Roloff’s long-time girlfriend. In fact, she is quite the devoted mother. We never see her family on the show. Which makes sense since the show is about Matt and Amy Roloff and their children and grandchildren. However, we do see glimpses of her life away from the farm thanks to social media. According to Matt, Caryn and her daughter Brittney take an annual mother-daughter cruise. However this year Matt planned a huge surprise for his sweetie.

The Little People, Big World dad, in essence, crashes their trip. Certainly, it is quite a romantic gesture. So when the girls’ ship ports in Cabo San Lucas, Matt Rolloff will be at the pier to greet them. Surely Caryn will appreciate the extra attention and planning Matt made to pull this surprise off. Although as Matt Roloff sadly admitted, ” it’s not such a surprise anymore.” However, Matt also says,” Still a very fun rendezvous in a faraway land.” Seems Matt must have spilled the beans to Caryn Chandler ahead of time just to be safe she kept the day free to spend with her man in Cabo.

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LPBW: Matt Roloff Cannot Do Selfies

The Little People, Big World patriarch loves and adores his family. He’s very open with fans on what is going on with all his kids and grand-kids on social media. However often he comments about why pictures are not always accompanying his posts. The reason comes as a rather embarrassing admission. But it is one that makes sense. Seems Matt Roloff is selfie-challenged. His “short arms arent long enough to take good selfies.” Well, that explains a lot. Additionally, that’s the reason why all his selfies barely have him in the shot and somewhat cut off. Although it seems embarrassing to say out loud, it really is a reality most average stature folks do not have to deal with.

However many Little People, Big World fans sympathized with the dad of four. Some average-sized LPBW fans remarked that they as well struggle to take a good selfie. That just goes to show you that we all share commonalities. Certainly, the proud grandpa found relief in knowing his fans also share his lack of talent in capturing the perfect selfie.

Little People, Big World: Perfect Day In Cabo For Matt and Caryn

Caryn Chandler, her daughter Brittney, and Matt Roloff had a fantastic day together south of the border in Cabo San Lucas. The trio spent the day lounging at the pool and taking soaks in the hot tub at the resort. Also, they spent time exploring the beautiful marina area near the dock. Certainly, great memories were made. Matt Roloff must have been sad to see his girlfriend get back on the ship and sail off to her next port. But as the Chandler girls and Matt  Roloff continue their travels, they can say at least we had Cabo.

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